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010 __|a   35031986
035 __|a  (OCoLC)ocm03423823
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035 __|9  ADC6292
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050 00|a  Z6620.U5 |b  R5
090 __|a  Z6620.U5 |b  R5
100 1_|a  Ricci, Seymour de, |d  1881-1942.
245 10|a  Census of medieval and renaissance manuscripts in the United States and Canada / |c  by Seymour de Ricci, with the assistance of W.J. Wilson.
260 __|a  New York, |b  The H. W. Wilson company, |c  1935-1940.
300 __|a  3 v. |c  28 cm.
500 __|a  Paged continuously, v. 1-2.
500 __|a  Accompanied by supplement.
500 __|a  "Published under the auspices of the American council of learned societies".
500 __|a  Vols. 1-2: Printed in France.
500 __|a  At the instance of the American council of learned societies, an appropriation for the preparation of the census was made by the General education board to the Librarian of Congress. The Library, especially its Division of manuscripts, was charged with administration of the fund and supervision of the enterprise. cf. Introd. note.
500 __|a  "With two exceptions, [Gregory numbers ... by W. J. Wilson and previous owners, by Seymour de Ricci] the indices ... have been prepared by Miss Anne M. Nill".
500 __|a  "Errata and addenda": v. 2, p. [2239]-2343.
505 0_|a  I. Alabama-Massachusetts.--II. Michigan-Canada.--III. Indices: General index of names, titles and headings. Scribes, illuminators and cartographers. Insipits. Gregory numbers for Greek New Testament manuscripts. Present owners. Previous owners.
650 _0|a  Manuscripts |z  United States |x  Bibliography.
650 _0|a  Manuscripts |z  Canada |x  Bibliography.
650 _0|a  Union catalogs
650 _0|a  Libraries |z  United States.
650 _0|a  Libraries |z  Canada.
700 1_|a  Wilson, William Jerome, |d  b. 1884
700 1_|a  Nill, Anne M.
710 2_|a  American Council of Learned Societies.
710 2_|a  Library of Congress. |b  Manuscript Division.
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