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Ker, Neil Ripley
Use instead:
Ker, N. R. (Neil Ripley) (22 records)   
Ker, Newton J. (1 record)
Ker, Patrick (8 records)
Ker, Patrick, fl (9 records)
Ker, Peter, fl. 1691
Use instead:
Ker, Patrick, fl. 1691 (14 records)   
Ker-Porter, Robert, Sir, 1777-1842
Use instead:
Porter, Robert Ker, Sir, 1777-1842 (31 records)   
Ker, Robert (4 records)
Ker, Robert, Duke of Roxburghe, ca. 1709-1755
Use instead:
Roxburghe, Robert Ker, Duke of, ca. 1709-1755 (1 record)   
Ker, Robert, Earl of Somerset, d. 1645
Use instead:
Somerset, Robert Carr, Earl of, d. 1645 (1 record)   
Ker, Robert J (1 record)
Ker, Robert J. (1 record)
Ker, W. P. (1 record)
Ker, Walter Charles Alan, 1853-1929
Use instead:
Ker, Walter C. A. (Walter Charles Alan), 1853-1929 (6 records)   
Ker, William (4 records)