Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London.

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Royal Society (Great Britain)
London : Royal Society of London, 1666-1886.
177 v. : ill. ; 23-30 cm.
Vol. 1 (1665/66)-v. 177 (1886).
Meteorological journal
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Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. A. Mathematical and physical sciences
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. B. Biological sciences
Science -- Societies, etc.
Place of Publication:
England London.
"Meteorological journal...kept at the Royal Society's house by order of the president and council," for the years 1774-1781, 1787-1843, is included in v. 65-72, 78-[133] 1775-1843; discontinued after the establishment at the Royal Oberservatory at Greenwich of a Magnetical and Meteorological Observatory.
Vols. 13-15 published at Oxford (one of the issues of v. 12 has imprint Oxford, 1679)
Additional papers were published in "The history of the Royal Society of London...In which the most considerable of those papers communicated to the society, which have hitherto not been published, are inserted in their proper order, as a supplement to the Philosophical transactions. By Thomas Birch. 1756-57."
Editors: 1665-June 1677 (no. 1-136) H. Oldenburg; Jan. 1678-Feb. 1679 (no. 137-142) N. Grew; 1683-84 (no. 143-166) R. Plot; 1685 (no. 167-178) W. Musgrave; 1686-87 (no. 179-191) E. Halley; 1691-94 (no. 192-214) R. Waller; 1695-1713 (no. 215-337) Sir H. Sloane; 1714-19 (no. 338-363) E. Halley; 1720-27 (no. 364-398) J. Jurin; 1727-28 (no. 399-406) W. Rutty; 1729-50 (no. 407-497) C. Mortimer. The foregoing numbers, which form v. 1-46 of the collection were published by the respective secretaries without the supervision of the society. Vol 47-177, 1751-52-1886, of the transactions were published under the superintendence of a committee of the society.
Woodcut initials.
Vols. 1-46, 1665-1750, issued as no. 1-497.
Issues for 1792-1852 have no vol. designations but constitute vols. 82-142.
There was an interruption in the transactions between v. 12 and v. 13, and for this period Dr. Robert Hooke published seven numbers of "Philosophical collections," 1679-1682.
Continued by: Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences, ISSN 0080-4614, and: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. B. Biological sciences, ISSN 0080-4622.
Local notes:
Some of the volumes were issued with new title pages and minor changes in text and type: thus the title pages of v. 12 and 13, which in some copies are incorrectly numbered, are corrected in other copies. In the U. of P. Library the volumes appear to be corrected.
In E.F. Smith Collection, vol. 15 imperfect: several leaves wanting; numerous articles and clippings from other publications have been pasted to the leaves (through p. 877), usually completely covering the text.
In E.F. Smith Collection, vol. 15 with: Weekly memorials for the ingenious. London : Printed for the Author ..., 1682.
Boyle Collection copy is from the Edgar Fahs Smith Memorial Collection, with a pictorial bookplate laid in that reads "The Edgar Fahs Smith Memorial Collection University of Pennsylvania."
Boyle Collection copy imperfect: contains vol. 1, nos. 11, 12, and 14, and vol. 2 no. 31 only; all else wanting.
Finding Aid/Index:
Vols. 1-12 (no. 1-136) 1665/66-1677, with v. 12.
Vols. 12-17 (no. 137-206) 1678-93, in v. 17.
Vols. 1-70, 1665/66-1780. 1 v.
Vols. 71-110, 1781-1820. 1 v.
Vols. 111-120, 1821-30. 1 v.
The Philosophical transactions are indexed for the years 1800-1900 in the Royal Society's "Catalogue of scientific papers."
Penn Chronology:
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.
Oldenberg, Henry, 1615?-1677, ed.
Grew, Nehemiah, 1641-1712. ed.
Plot, Robert, 1640-1696. ed.
Musgrave, William, 1655?-1721. ed.
Halley, Edmond, 1656-1742. ed.
Waller, Richard. ed.
Sloane, Hans, Sir,bart., 1660-1753, ed.
Jurin, James, 1684-1750. ed.
Rutty, William, 1687-1730, ed.
Mortimer, Cromwell, d. 1752, ed.
Boyle Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
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Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London (microfilm)
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London (Online)
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society
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