Studies in the anthropology of Oceania and Asia, presented in memory of Roland Burrage Dixon, by James M. Andrews, IV, Gordon T. Bowles, Carleton S. Coon [and others] Edited by Carleton S. Coon and James M. Andrews.

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Cambridge, Mass., The Museum, 1943.
Papers of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University. Vol. 20
xiv, 220 p. incl. illus. (incl. maps) tables, diagr. fron. (port.) plates. 27 cm.
Dixon, Roland Burrage, 1875-1934.
Ethnology -- Oceania.
Ethnology -- Asia.
Physical differentiation in Polynesia, by H. L. Shapiro. - Polynesian stone remains, by K. P. Emory. - Two unique petroglyphs in the Marquesas which point to Easter Island and Malaysia, by E. S. C. Handy. - The gods of Rennell Island, by Gordon MacGregor. - The racial elements of Melanesia, by W. W. Howells. - The horomorun concepts of southern Bougainville: a study in comparative religion, by D. L. Oliver. - Notes on northeast Australian totemism, by R. L. Sharp. - Culture sequences in Madagascar, by Ralph Linton. - Linguistic and racial aspects of the Munda problem, by Ralph Linton. - Linguistic and racial aspects of the Munda problem, by G. T. Bowles. - Evolutionary trends in body build; data from Thailand (Siam) by J. M. Andrews, IV. - Physical types among the Japanese, by F. S. Hulse. - The prone burials of Anyang, by Li Chi. - Observations on the bronze age in the Yenisel valley, Siberia, by J. H. Gaul. - Southern Arabia, a problem for the future, by C. S. Coon.
"Bibliography of Roland Burrage Dixon, prepared by Miss Constance Ashenden": p. xii-xiv. "References cited" at end of most of the articles.
Coon, Carleton S. (Carleton Stevens), 1904-1981, ed.
Andrews, James Madison, 1905- joint ed.
Ashenden, Constance.
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