Perspectives in psychological theory; essays in honor of Heinz Werner. Edited by Bernard Kaplan and Seymour Wapner.

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New York, International Universities Press [c1960]
384 p. illus., port. 23 cm.
Werner, Heinz, 1890-1964.
Psychology -- Collected works.
Introductory remarks, by B. Kaplan and S. Wapner.
The experiences of inner status, by S. Arieti.
The development of double function terms in children: an exploratory investigation, by S. E. Asch and H. Nerlove.
The functions of perceiving: new look retrospect, by J. S. Bruner and G. S. Klein.
A theoretical and experimental inquiry into concrete values and value systems, by T. Dembo.
Sensoritonic theory and the concept of self-realization, by K. Goldstein.
Why "Mama" and "Papa"? By R. Jakobson.
Selector-integrator mechanisms in behavior, by N. R. F. Maier.
Resistance to being rubricized, by A. H. Maslow.
Organism and quantity: a study of organic structure as a quantitative problem, by G. Murphy.
Psychoanalysis as a developmental psychology, by D. Rapaport.
Cognitive embeddedness in problem solving: a theoretical and experimental analysis, by M. Scheerer and M. D. Hulling.
Instinctive behavior, maturation-experience and development, by T. G. Schneirla.
The problem of individuality in development, by H. A. Witkin.
Publications of Heinz Werner (p. [362]-374).
Includes bibliographies.
Wapner, Seymour, 1917-
Kaplan, Bernard, ed.
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