Readings in ethical theory; selected and edited by Wilfrid Sellars and John Hospers Department of Philosophy University of Minnesota.

New York, Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc., [1952]
x, [2], 707, [1] pages 25 cm.
Place of Publication:
United States New York (State) New York.
Introductory. The elements of ethics / Bertrand Russell
I. A Sample Ethical Theory. Utilitarianism / G. E. Moore
II. Moore and the Naturalistic Fallacy. The indefinability of Good / G. E. Moore; The place of definition in ethics / G. C. Field; The naturalistic fallacy / W. K. Frankena; Subjectivism and Naturalism in Ethics / A. C. Ewing
III. The Development of Ethical Intuitionism. Ethical Judgments / Henry Sidgwick; Does moral philosophy rest on a mistake / H. A. Prichard; The meaning of "Right" / Sir David Ross; What makes right acts right? / Sir David Ross; Different meanings of "good" and "ought" / A. C. Ewing; A suggested non-naturalistic analysis of good / A. C. Ewing; Ethical intuitionism / P. F. Strawson
IV. The Naturalistic Rejoinder. Hypostatic ethics / George Santayana; The construction of good / John Dewey; Value as any object of any interest / R. B. Perry; The nature of goodness / Sir David Ross; Value and obligation in Dewey and Lewis / Morton G. White; Moral and non-moral values: a study in the first principles of Axiology / C. A. Campbell; Some reflections on moral-sense theories in ethics / C. D. Broad
V. The Emotive Theory. A suggestion about value / W. H. F. Barnes; Critique of ethics / A. J. Ayer; Critique of Ayer / Sir David Ross; Moral positivism and moral aestheticism / E. F. Carritt; The emotive meaning of ethical terms / C. L. Stevenson; The emotive theory of values / A. J. Ayer; A reply to my critics (excerpt) / G. E. Moore
VI. The Psychology of Conduct and the Concept of Obligation. Mill and the hedonistic principle / G. E. Moore; Bishop Butler's conception of human nature / C. D. Broad; Remarks on psychological hedonism / C. D. Broad; Duty and interest (excerpt) / H. A. Prichard; A criticism of Kant / G. C. Field; "Ought" and motivation / W. D. Falk; Obligation and motivation / Wilfrid Sellars; Evaluation and obligation: two functions of judgments in the language of conduct / H. D. Aiken
VII. Moral Freedom, Guilt, and Responsibility. Free will and responsibility / A. K. Stout; Ethical judgments and avoidability / C. L. Stevenson; Free-will and psychoanalysis / John Hospers; Moral freedom in recent ethics / H. D. Lewis; Guilt and freedom / H. D. Lewis; H. D. Lewis on the problem of guilt / G. A. Paul
VIII. The Problem of Justification. Prolegomena to a theory of the moral criterion / C. A. Campbell; On the idea of a philosophy of ethics / James Balfour; Ethics as pure postulate / D. C. Williams; Validation and vindication: an analysis of the nature and the limits of ethical arguments / Herbert Feigl; Objectivity in morals / William Kneale.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 701-707).
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