A commentary on the Holy Scriptures: critical, doctrinal, and homiletical, with special reference to ministers and students. By John Peter Lange ... Translated from the German, and edited, with additions, by Philip Schaff ...

Lange, Johann Peter, 1802-1884.
New York, C. Scribner & Co., 1866-1880.
v. 25 cm.

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O.T. v.1. Genesis, or, The First Book of Moses ... by J.P. Lange. 1868.
v.2. Exodus ... by J.P. Lange. Leviticus, by F. Gardiner.
v.3. Numbers ... by J.P. Lange. Deuteronomy ... by Fr. W.J. Scröeder.
v.4. The Book of Joshua ... by F.R. Fay. the Book of Judges. The Book of Ruth ... by P. Cassel.
v.5. the Books of Samuel ... by C.F.D. Erdmann.
v.6. The Books of the Kings ... by K.c.W.F. Bähr.
v.7. The Books of the Chronicles ... by O. Zöckler. The Book of Ezra ... by F.W. Schultz. The Book of Nehemiah ... by H. Crosby. The book of Esther ... by F.W. Schultz.
v.8. The Book of Job ... by O. Zöckler.
v.9. The Psalms ... by C.B. Moll.
v.10. The Proverbs of Solomon. Ecclesiastes. American ed. The Song of Solomon ... by O. Zöckler.
v.11. The prphet Isaiah ... by C.W.E. Nägelsbach.
v. [12] The Book of the prophet Jermiah. The Lamentations of Jeremiah ... by C.W.E. Naegelsbach.
v.13. The Book of the prophet Ezekiel ... by F.W.J. Schröder. The Book of the prophet Daniel ... by O. Zöckler.
v. [14] The Minor prophets, expounded by P. Kleinert, O. Schmoller, G.R. Bliss, T.W. Chambers, C. Elliott, J. Forsyth, J.F. McCurdy, and NJ. Packard. Ed. by P. Schaff.
v.15. The Apocrypah ... by E.C. Bissell. 1880.-New Testament. v.1. The Gospel accourding to Matthew, by J.P. Lange.
v.2. The Gospel according to Mark, by J.P. Lange. The Gospel according to Lke by J.J. van Oosterzee. 5th ed. 1869.-v.3. the Gospel according to John, by J.P. Lange.
v.4. The Acts of the Apostles ... by G.V. Lechler.
v.5. The Epistle of Paul to the Romans ... by J.P. Lange ... and F.R. Fay.
v.6. he first Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians. The second Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians. The second Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians ... by C.F. Kling.
v.7. the Epistle of
Each book has special t.-p. and separate pagination.
Contains bibliographies.
Includes various editions of some volumes.
Schaff, Phillip, 1819-1893, ed. and tr.