The mode in costume / by R. Turner Wilcox.

Wilcox, R. Turner (Ruth Turner), 1888-
New York : C. Scribner's Sons, 1944, c1942.
xxii, 395 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.

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Clothing and dress -- History.
Egyptian 3000 to 525 b.c.
Babylonian and Assyrian 1500 b.c. to 550 b.c.
Ancient Greek 1500 b.c. to the 1st Century b.c.
Ancient Roman, the 1st Century b.c. to the 5th a.d.
Ancient Persian 550 b.c. through the Crusades
The Northern Europeans, the 1st Centuries a.d.
Byzantine, 4th Century to the Middle Ages
Italian Medieval or Gothic
French Medieval or Gothic
English Medieval or Gothic
Flemish and German Medieval or Gothic
Italian Renaissance
German Puffs and Slashes, the 1st Half of the 16th Century
French Renaissance, the Valois, Charles VIII 1483-1498, Louis XII 1498-1515
French Renaissance, the Valois, Fran├žois I 1515-1547, Henri II 1547-1559
French Renaisance, the Valois, Charles IX 1560-1574, Henri III 1574-1589
The Hispanic-Moresque Period of Spain
Spain of the 16th Century
Spain of the Velasquez Portraits
Renaissance England, the Tudors, Henry VII 1485-1509, Henry VIII 1509-1547
Renaissance England, Edward VI 1547-1553, Mary 1553-1558, Elizabeth 1558-1603
Henri IV and Marie De' Medici 1589-1610-1617
Louis XIII 1610-1643
England under James I 1603-1625, Charles I 1625-1649
England under Cromwell, Puritan 1649-1660
Louis XIV, 1st Period 1644-1661
Louis XIV, 2nd Period 1661-1670
Louis XIV, 3rd Period 1670-1715
The English Restoration, Charles II 1660-1685, James II 1685-1689
Louis XV 1715-1774
Louis XVI Marie Antoinette 1774 to the French Revolution 1789
The French Revolution 1789-1795
Directoire 1795-1799
The French Consulate and 1st Empire 1799-1815
The French Restoration, Louis XVIII 1815-1824, Charles X 1824-1830
English Fashions 1790-1830
Louis-Philippe 1830-1848
French 2nd Republic 1848-1852, 2nd Empire 1852-1870
Victorian England 1837-1901
French 1870-1880
French 1880-1890
French 1890-1900
Masculine Costume 1900-194244. French 1900-1910
French 1910-192046. French 1920-193047. French 1930-1942.
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