Selected essays. William Carlos Williams.

Williams, William Carlos, 1883-1963.
Other Title:
Selected essays of William Carlos Williams
New York, Random House [1954]
xviii, 342 pages 22 cm
Literature -- History and criticism.
Criticism, interpretation, etc.
Place of Publication:
United States New York (State) New York.
Prologue to Kora in Hell (1920)
Comment (1921)
A Matisse (1921)
Yours, O youth (1921)
The writers of the American Revolution (1936)
Shakespeare (1927)
George Antheil and the Cantilene critics (1928)
Notes in diary form (1927)
A note on the recent work of James Joyce (1927)
A point for American criticism (1929)
The simplicity of disorder (1929)
Caviar and bread again: a warning to the new writer (1930?)
Excerpts from a critical sketch: a draft of XXX Cantos by Ezra Pound (1931)
The work of Gertrude Stein (1930)
Marianne Moore (1931)
Kenneth Burke (1929)
The American background: America and Alfred Stieglitz (1934)
A 1 pound Stein (1935)
Pound's eleven new "Cantos" (1935)
An incredible neglect redefined (1936)
The basis of faith in art (1937?)
Against the weather: a study of the artist (1939)
Federico Garcia Lorca (1939)
Introduction to Charles Sheeler -paintings -drawings -photographs (1939)
The tortuous straightness of Chas. Henri Ford (1939)
A letter (1940)
Midas: a proposal for a magazine (1941)
An afternoon with Tchelitchew (1937)
Author's introduction to The wedge (1944)
Shapiro is all right (1946)
Lower case Cummings (1946)
Revelation (1947)
Carl Sandburg's complete poems (1951)
The poem as a field of action (1948)
Marianne Moore (1948)
A beginning on the short story: notes (1949)
Foreword to The autobiography of William Carlos Williams (1951)
"Parade's end " (1951)
In a mood of tragedy: The mills of the Kavanaughs (1951)
Dylan Thomas (1954)
Painting in the American grain (1954)
On measure -statement for Cid Corman (1954).
Title page printed on two opposing pages in black with the author's name in green.
Designer: Ernst Reichl.
"A Random House Book"--Dustjacket.
"The essays printed for the first time are: 'The Writers of the American Revolution,' 'Shakespeare,' 'The Basis of Faith in Art,' amd 'The Poem as a Field of Action.' 'Notes on a Diary Form' marked '1927' and 'Not previously published,' was printed in 1928."--Cf. Wallace.
Green cloth boards stamped in white and gold on front cover and spine. Gray endpapers. Top edge stained orange.
Local notes:
Culture Class Collection copy has dustjacket retained.
Culture Class Collection copy inscribed "For Florence with my love. William Carlos Williams. Nov. 6/54".
Culture Class Collection copy is "First Printing".
Gotham Book Mart Collection copies 1, 2 & 3 have dustjackets retained.
Penn Provenance:
Williams, Florence H. (Florence Herman), -1976 (inscription) (Culture Class Collection copy)
Williams, William Carlos, 1883-1963 (autograph) (Culture Class Collection copy)
Gotham Book Mart (former owner) (Gotham Book Mart Collection copies 1, 2 & 3)
Penn Chronology:
Cited in:
Wallace, E. M. : Bibliography of William Carlos Williams, A40
Reichl, Ernst, 1900-1980.
Gotham Book Mart Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
American Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Other format:
Online version: Williams, William Carlos, 1883-1963. Selected essays.
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