Les misérables / Victor Hugo ; translated by Charles E. Wilbour.

Hugo, Victor, 1802-1885.
New York : Modern Library, 1992.
xiv, 1260 p. ; 22 cm.
Modern Library ed.
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Standardized Title:
Misérables. English
Paris (France) -- Fiction.
Ex-convicts -- Fiction.
Orphans -- Fiction.
Epic fiction.
Sensational, dramatic, packed with rich excitement and filled with the sweep and violence of human passions, LES MISERABLES is not only superb adventure but a powerful social document. The story of how the convict Jean-Valjean struggled to escape his past and reaffirm his humanity, in a world brutalized by poverty and ignorance, became the gospel of the poor and the oppressed.
Fantine. 1. An upright man
2. The fall
3. The year 1817
4. To entrust is sometimes to abandon
5. The descent
6. Javert
7. The Champmathieu affair
8. Counter-stroke
Cosette. 1. Waterloo
2. The ship Orion
3. Fulfillment of the promise to the departed
4. The old Gorbeau house
5. A dark chase needs a silent hound
6. Petit Picpus
7. A parenthesis
8. Cemeteries take what is given them
Marius. 1. Paris atomised
2. The grand Bourgeois
3. The grandfather and the grandson
4. The friends of the A B C
5. The excellence of misfortune
6. The conjunction of two starts
7. Patron-minette
8. The noxious poor
St. Denis. 1. A few pages of history
2. Eponine
3. The house in the Rue Plumet
4. Aid from below may be aid from above
5. The end of which is unlike the beginning
6. Little Gavroche
7. Argot
8. Enchantments and desolation
9. Where are they going
10. June 5th, 1832
11. The atom fraternises with the hurricane
12. Corinth
13. Marius enters the shadow
14. The grandeurs of despair
15. The Rue de l'Homme Armé
Jean Valjean. 1. War between four walls
2. The intestine of Leviathan
3. Mire, but soul
4. Javert off the track
5. The grandson and the grandfather
6. The white night
7. The last drop in the chalice
8. The twilight wane
9. Supreme shadow, supreme dawn.
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Translated from the French.
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