Admiranda narratio fida tamen, de commodis et incolarum ritibus Virginiae : nuper admodum ab Anglis, qui à Dn. Richardo Greinvile equestris ordinis viro eò in coloniam anno M.D.LXXXV. deducti sunt inuentae, sumtus faciente Dn. VValtero Raleigh equestris ordinis viro fodinaru[m] stanni praefecto ex auctoritate serenissimae reginae Angliae / Anglico scripta sermone à Thoma Hariot, eiusdem Walteri domestico, in eam coloniam misso vt regionis situm diligenter obseruaret ; nunc autem primum latio donata à C.C.A. ...

Harriot, Thomas, 1560-1621.
Francoforti ad Moenum : Typis Ioannis Wecheli, sumtibus vero Theodor de Bry : Venales reperiuntur in officina Sigismundi Feirabendi, MDXC [1590]
34 p., 49 leaves (some folded) : ill., map ; 34 cm. (fol.)

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Other records:
Standardized Title:
Briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia. Latin
Roanoke Colony.
Indians of North America -- Virginia.
Virginia -- History -- Colonial period -- Sources.
Virginia -- Description and travel.
Place of Publication:
Germany Frankfurt am Main.
Translation into Latin by Carolus Clusius of: A brief and true report of the new found land of Virginia.
The first part of a collection of voyages known also as de Bry's America, or Great and Small Voyages. The collection was published successively by Theodor de Bry and his sons Johann Theodor and Johann Israel, in two series: India Occidentalis and India Orientalis, consisting of 13 and 12 parts respectively. Each part with special t.p., pagination and register.
First edition, first issue.
Signatures : a⁴ b⁶ c⁴ d⁸(d7+chi²) A⁶ B-C⁸ D⁶ E⁸ F⁶ (D6 blank).
Engraved, historiated t.p.
Includes index.
Separate title page, sig. d4r: Viuae imagines et ritus incolarum eius prouinciae in America, quae Virginia appellata est ab Anglis ... omnia diligenter obseruata, et ad viuum expressa a Joanne With ... deinde in aes incisa, & primùm in lucem euulgata a Theodoro de Bry. Most of the plates which follow have been engraved by Bry and G. Veen, each numbered in arabic on the plates and in roman with the printed captions, nine of which face plates in a separate leaf.
Woodcut ornaments and initials.
Local notes:
In the first sequence, plates x, xi, xii are Church's 1st ed., 2d issue.
Penn Provenance:
Dechert, Robert (donor)
Penn Chronology:
Cited in:
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