The Carolina and Georgia almanack, or ephemeris, for the year of our Lord 1783 ... [microform]

Charlestown [S.C.]: : Printed by R. Keith and J. M'Iver, jun. and sold at No. 25 1/2, on the Bay, north side of the Exchange., [1782]
[24] p. : ill. ; 17 cm.
Early American imprints. First series ; no. 17745.

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Almanacs -- South Carolina -- 1783.
Place of Publication:
United States South Carolina Charleston.
Attributed by Evans to John Tobler, presumably because most of the other South Carolina almanacs of this period bear his name, but probably correctly.
All the calculations for the moon, and nearly all the astronomical notes on the calendar pages, are identical with those in the Wilmington almanack or ephemeris for 1783 (Wilmington, Del.), except that the present almanac has fewer notes and no table of the moon's southing. The eclipse predictions are also identical with Wilmington, omitting two sentences and with a difference in two of the calculations through misprints.
From 1764 to 1777 and probably until 1794, the Wilmington almanack contained Tobler's calculations under the pseudonym of Thomas Fox. The calculations for the sun differ in the present almanac from those in Wilmington because of the difference in meridian.
Although the Tobler almanacs issued after his death in 1765 have been attributed to his son John, the publisher's preface to the South-Carolina and Georgia almanack for 1764 (Savannah) states that Tobler's calculations had then been completed for publication up to 1800. The later almanacs contain no indication that Tobler junior is the author.
The Anatomy is the only illustration.
Microfiche. [New York : Readex Microprint, 1985] 11 x 15 cm. (Early American imprints. First series ; no. 17745).
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