Records, 1921-1973.

Pennsylvania Nurses' Association. District No. 1.
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Organized into the following series: I. Minutes, proceedings and reports, 1923-1970; II. Committee and section papers, 1923-1973; III. Subject files, 1935-1972; IV. Correspondence, 1963-1972; V. Nurses' Official Directory, 1928-1972; VI. Publications, manuals, and finances; VII. Photographs, 1963-1969.
Nurses -- Pennsylvania.
Trade and Professional Associations -- Pennsylvania.
Local subjects:
Graduate Nurses' Association of the State of Pennsylvania. District Association No. 1.
Pennsylvania State Nurses Association. District No. 1.
Financial reports.
The Pennsylvania Nurses' Association was founded in 1903, by nurses "feeling the need of organizations, legislation and registration in the state of Pennsylvania." The immediate objective was for the registration law to control education and orientation of regional groups and specialized nurses soon caused the association to branch out in a variety of directions. By 1919, the state association had become unwieldy and districts were formed to better respond to the needs of the state. On April 30, 1919, the Philadelphia District Number 1, along with several others, was admitted to membership.
The concerns of District 1, from its inception, revolved around the establishment of a central headquarters with an official registry of nurses. Lack of interest, however, prevented effective action until the Nurses' Official Directory was established in 1929 to facilitate employment of private duty nurses. Shortly after, both interest and membership rose dramatically. The Philadelphia district developed into one of the most active sections, involved in legislative actions in all areas of health care, in professional promotion, publicity and education, in addition to many community activities.
This collection covers nearly all of the organization's activities through its minutes, reports, committee and subject files, and material relating to the Nurses' Official Directory.
Cited as:
Pennsylvania Nurses Association District 1 Records, Center for the Study of the History of Nursing, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania.
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