The law of mass action : a centenary volume, 1864-1964. / [Editor : Otto Bastiansen].

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Norske videnskaps-akademi i Oslo.
Oslo : Universitetsforlaget, 1964.
194 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Chemical equilibrium -- Addresses, essays, lectures.
Introduction / O. Bastiansen
A facsimile of the original paper of Cato Maximilian Guldberg and Peter Waage, presented by Waage at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters on March the 11th 1864 [entitled : Studier over affiniteten, in Norwegian]
Cato Maximilian Guldberg and Peter Waage / H. Haraldsen
Guldberg and Waage and the law of mass action / E.W. Lund and O. Hassel
Some features of chemical kinetics / J.A. Christiansen
An invesitgation of slow and rapid coagulation of hydrosols by means of a flow ultramicroscope / B.V. Derjaguin and M. Koudryavtseva
Guldberg and Waage's law in the gravitational field / H. Wergeland
Steady states and variational principles / I. Prigogine
Absolute reaction rate theory and the law of mass action / H. Eyring and S.H. Lin
Application of the mass-action law on ionic equilibria in fused salt mixtures / J. Toguri, H. Flood and T. Forland
The energy of transargononic bonds / L. Pauling
Notes on molecular geometry and chemical reactivity in connection with the B 12 vitamins / D.C. Hodgkin
Atomic arrangement in compounds or complexes containing chemical bonds of the charge-transfer type / O. Hassel
Plutonium metal / W.H. Zachariasen.
In celebration of the centenary of the law of mass action.
Includes bibliographies.
Edited by Otto Bastiansen.
Bastiansen, O. (Otto).
Guldberg, Cato Maximilian, 1836-1902.
Edgar Fahs Smith Memorial Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
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