The first and second volumes of Chronicles : comprising 1. The description and historie of England, 2. The description and historie of Ireland, 3. The description and historie of Scotland / first collected and published by Raphaell Holinshed, William Harrison, and others ; now newlie augmented and continued (with manifold matters of singular note and worthie memorie) to the yeare 1586 by Iohn Hooker aliàs Vowell Gent. and others ; with conuenient tables at the end of these volumes.

Holinshed, Raphael, approximately 1525-1580?.
Standardized Title:
Chronicles of England, Scotlande, and Irelande
Other Title:
Holinshed's Chronicles
Title of vol. 3: Chronicles of England from William the Conqueror ... untill the yeare 1577
[London : Printed by Henry Denham, at the expenses of Iohn Harison, George Bishop, Rafe Newberie, Henrie Denham, and Thomas Woodcocke, 1587]
3 v. ; 39 cm. (fol.)
Great Britain -- History -- To 1485.
Great Britain -- History -- Tudors, 1485-1603.
Place of Publication:
England London.
Vol. 1. An historicall description of the Iland of Britaine. The historie of England from the time that it was first inhabited vntill the time that it was last conquered
v. 2. A treatise conteining a plaine and perfect description of Ireland. The Irish historie ... / by Giraldus Cambrensis ... with the supplie ... vnto ... 1587. The description of Scotland ... / by Hector Boetius. The historie of Scotland ... to 1585
v. 3. Chronicles of England from William the Conqueror ... untill the yeare 1577.
Compiled by Holinshed, William Harrison and Richard Stanyhurst. This edition is edited by John Hooker, who continued the work to 1586, with the assistance of Francis Thynne on the Scottish continuations, with Thynne, Abraham Fleming and John Stow on the other portions of the book.
The Irish history was composed and written by Giraldus Cambrensis and translated by John Hooker; The description of Scotland was written by Hector Boece in Latin and translated by John Bellenden.
Vols. 1-2 have general t.p. dated 1574; vol. 2 has general t.p. dated 1586 and special t.p. dated 1585.
Printer's name from STC; rest of imprint from colophon which reads: Finished in Ianuarie 1587, and the 29 of the Queenes Maiesties reigne, with the full continuation of the former yeares, at the expenses of Iohn Harison, George Bishop, Rafe Newberie, Henrie Denham, and Thomas Woodcocke. At London, printed in Aldersgate Street at the signe of the starre.
The descriptions of Britain, Scotland and Ireland, and the histories of Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI, Henry VIII, Richard II, and Richard III are also available in an online ed.
Titles within woodcut borders; initials; head and tail pieces; black letter, italic and roman type. Text in double columns.
Device of Henry Denham at end of v. 2 and v. 3.
Numerous errors in paging.
Side notes.
This copy differs slightly from those described by Hazlitt (Col. and notes 1867-76) by Lowndes, and by Sidney Lee (Dict. nat. biog.)
In this edition (1587) the freedom with which contemporary events were treated led the Privy council to order extensive excisions immediately after publication.
Original unexpurgated copies are extremely rare: the copy in the Library of Congress has the excisions and substitutions before mentioned.
Signatures: vol. 1: A-Y⁶, ²A-R⁶ (A1 and ²R6 blank); vol. 2: A-E², ²A⁶(A1+1) B-Q⁶ R², ³A-U⁶ 2A-2N⁶ 2O⁴ 2P⁶ 2Q⁶(-2Q4,5;+1) 2R⁶(-2R3,4;+'Rr3') 2S⁶(-2S2-5;+'Ss2'.3) 2T⁶, ⁴A⁶ B⁸ *⁶ [par.]⁸ ([par.]8 blank); vol. 3: A-U⁶ 2A-2U⁶ 3A-3U⁶ 4A-4U⁶ 5A-5U⁶ 6A-6U⁶ 7A-7I⁶(-6U1-7I6; +'6U'1,'ABCDE'1,'FGHI'²) 7K⁶ 7L-7M⁶(-7L1-7M6; +'7L'²,'7M'1) 7N⁶ 7O1-3, ²C-G⁶ (²G6 blank).
Cancellations: Vol. 2: ³2Q3-4 are canceled by a leaf paginated 421 (recto) and 424 (verso); ³2R3-4 are canceled by a leaf paginated 438/431; ³2S2-5 are canceled by two leaves paginated 443/444 and 445/450. Vol. 3: quires 6U-7I were intended to be canceled by four leaves (6U1, ABCDE1, FGHI1-2) paginated 1419/1420, 1421/1490, 1491/1536, and 1537/1538, but the cancellandum are still present in library's copy through leaf 7H1 and the 4 cancel leaves are bound immediately after them; quires 7L-7M are canceled by three leaves paginated 1551/1552, 1553/1554, 1555/1574. The canceled leaves were reprinted three times in the eighteenth century; for general descriptions of these see "The Library", ser. 5, XIII (1958), p. 120-4.
Pagination: vol. 1: [10], 250, [4], 202, [2] p.; vol 2: 61, [13], 183, [1], 421, 424-430, 436-438, 431-433, 439-445, 450-464, [56] p.; vol. 3: [8], 1080, 1080-1327, [2], 1332-1371, 1371-1421, 1490-1491, 1536-1555, 1574-1592, [60] p.
Printed in double columns.
Local notes:
Bound in 2 vols.
Vol. 1 imperfect: first and last leaves (blanks) wanting; title-leaf mended.
Vol. 2 imperfect: special t.p. for the History of Ireland wanting; leaves ³C1 and [par.]8 wanting.
Vol. 3 imperfect: leaves A2-4 wanting; last leaf (blank) wanting.
Penn Chronology:
Cited in:
STC (2nd ed.) 13569
ESTC (RLIN) S122178
Thynne, Francis, 1545?-1608.
Fleming, Abraham, 1552?-1607.
Stanyhurst, Richard, 1547-1618.
Stow, John, 1525?-1605.
Hooker, John, 1526?-1601.
Harrison, William, 1534-1593.
Giraldus, Cambrensis, 1146?-1223?
Boece, Hector, 1465?-1536.
Bellenden, John, fl. 1533-1587.
STC Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Horace Howard Furness Memorial Library (University of Pennsylvania)
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