[Publications], no. 1-80, 1873-1896.

English Dialect Society.
Vaduz : Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1965-
v. : maps ; 23 cm.

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v.1, 5-6, 23. Series B. Reprinted glossaries / edited by Walter W. Skeat
v.2, 8, 18. A bibliographical list / edited by Walter W. Skeat. v.3. Series C. Original glossaries / John Harland. v.4. Series D. Miscellaneous / Henry Sweet. v.6*. A dictionary of the Sussex dialect / W.D. Parish. v.7. Series D. Miscellaneous. The dialect of West Somerset / by Frederick Thomas Elworthy.
v.9, 13. Series C. Original glossaries. A glossary of words used in the neighbourhood of Whitby / by F.K. Robinson. v.10, 35. A glossary of the Lancashire dialect / by John H. Nodal and George Milner. v.11, 17, 29, 33, 49, 55. Miscellanies
v.12. Series C. Original glossaries / edited by Walter W. Skeat. v.14. Series C. Original glossaries / by C. Clough Robinson. v.15. Series C. Original glossaries / by Edward Peacock
v.16. Series C. Original glossaries / by Frederick Ross, Richard Stead, and Thomas Holderness. v.19. An outline of the grammar of the dialect of West Somerset / by Frederic Thomas Elworthy. v.20, 24. Series C. Original glossaries / by William Dickinson
v.25. Specimens of English dialects / edited by F.T. Elworthy and Prof. Skeat
v.21. Five hundred pointes of good husbandrie / by Thomas Tusser
v.22, 26, 45. A dictionary of English plant-names / by James Britten.
v.27. Glossary of words in use in Cornwall / by M.A. Courtney [and] Thomas Q. Couch. v.28. A glossary of words in use in the counties of Antrim and Down / by William Hugh Patterson. v.30. Old country and farming words / James Britten. v.31. Leicestershire words, phrases and proverbs / collected by Arthur Benoni Evans ; edited ... by Sebastian Evans
v.32. Series C. Original glossaries. v.34. The names of herbes / by William Turner; edited ... by James Britten. v.36. A glossary of West Worcestershire words / by Mrs. Chamberlain. v.37. The book of husbandry / by Master Fitzherbert ; edited by Walter W. Skeat. v.38. A glossary of Devonshire plant names / by Hilderic Friend
v.39. A glossary of the dialect of Almondbury and Huddersfield / compiled by Alfred Easther / edited ... by Thomas Lees. v.40. A glossary of Hampshire words and phrases / compiled and edited by William H. Cope, Bart. v.41. English dialect words of the eighteenth century / edited ... by William E.A. Axon. v.41*. An older form of the Treatyse of fysshynge wyth an angle / attributed to Dame Juliana Barnes. v.42. Upton-on-Severn words and phrases / by Robert Lawson. v.43. Series D. Miscellaneous. A word-list illustrating the corresondence of modern English with Anglo-French vowel-sounds / by B.M. Skeat.
v.44, 46, 51. A glossary of words used in the County of Chester / by Robert Holland
v.47. Provincial names and folk lore of British birds / by Charles Swainson. v.48. Four dialect words: clem, lake, nesh, and oss / by Thomas Hallam. v.52. A glossary of words used in south-west Lincolnshire / by R.E.G. Cole. v.54. A dictionary of the Kentish dialect and provincialisms in use in the County of Kent / by W.D. Parish
v.50. The West Somerset word-book ... / by Frederic Thomas Elworthy
v.53. The folk-speech of South Cheshire / by Thomas Darlington
v.56. A glossary of Berkshire words and phrases / by Major B. Lowsley. v.60. English dialects : their sounds and homes / by Alexander J. Ellis. v.61. A glossary of dialect & archaic words used in the County of Gloucester / collected and compiled by J. Drummond Robertson
v.57. A glossary of words used in the neighbourhood of Sheffield / by Sidney Oldall Addy. v.62. A supplement to the Sheffield glossary / by Sidney Oldall Addey
v.63. Ablaut in the modern dialects of the south of England / by W.A. Badham. v.64. Rutland words / collected by Christopher Wordsworth. v.65. The dialect of Hartland, Devonshire / by R. Pearse Chope. v.67. A grammar of the dialect of Windhill, in the West Riding of Yorkshire / by Joseph Wright.
v.69. A glossary of words used in the County of Wiltshire / by George Edward Dartnell and Edward Hungerford Goddard
v.58, 59. A glossary of words used in the Wapentakes of Manley and Corringham, Lincolnshire / by Edward Peacock
v.66, 68, 71. Northumberland words / by Oliver Heslop
v.77. Lakeland and Iceland, being a glossary of words in the dialect of Cumberland, Westmorland and North Lancashire ... / by T. Ellwood. v.78. Two collections of Derbicisms ... / by Samuel Pegge ; edited by Professor Skeat. v.79. A Warwickshire word-book / by G.F. Northall. v.80. A bibliographical list of works illustrative of the dialect of Northumberland / compiled by R. Oliver Heslop
v.70. A glossary of Surrey words : a supplement to no. 12 / by Granville Leveson Gower. v.72. A glossary of words and phrases used in S.E. Worcestershire / by Jesse Salisbury. v.73. Folk-phrases of four counties (Glouc., Staff., Warw., Worc.) / by G.F. Northall. v.74. A list of words and phrases in every-day use by the natives of Hetton-le-Hole in the County of Durham / F.M.T. Palgrave. v.75. A glossary of words used in East Anglia, found on that of Forby / by Walter Rye. v.76. Nine specimens of English dialects / edited by Walter Skeat.
Includes issues no. 1-80 plus two called no. 6* and no. 41* which were presented to the society but not published by it.