Correspondence with Carl Zigrosser, 1915-1967, n.d.

Dwight, Mabel, 1876-1955.
1915-1967, n.d.
97 items (249 leaves).
Miller, George C.
Seidenberg, Roderick, 1889-1973.
Higgins, Eugene, 1874-1958.
Associated American Artists.
Mabel Dwight's correspondence with Carl Zigrosser is sporadic considering the time period coverd (40 years). Dwight writes about professional concerns (the progress of her work, projects being printed by George C. Miller, entries in exhibitions, sales and shipping arrangements) and pers
onal matters (her trouble with asthma, her friendship with Roderick Seidenberg, news of the Zigrosser family, her travels to France and New Mexico, congratulations to Zigrosser on publications and thanks for gifts).There is one illustrated christmas card by Dwight, and a photograph of her taken in 1920 by Zigrosser. The earliest letters are signed " Mabel Higgins," and sometimes include references to her husband, Eugene Higgins. Roderick and Catherine Seidenberg looked after Mabel Dwight, and she lived with them for extended periods.
Included in the file are notes about Dwight's prints and the size of editions. Among the printed material are exhibition announcements; a draft for an article about Dwight by Zigrosser detailing her life, her place in art and the motivations of her work; a 101 page typed manuscript of "Essays by Mabel Dwight" covering autobiographical material, and her responses to New York City, derelicts, Hitler, the role of women, and other subjects; and her brief obituary.
Mable Dwight is now a little-known painter and printmaker. She enjoyed a good reputation as an artist in the 20's and 30's, and her career was boosted by Carl Zigrosser. Dwight's representational style, and her gentle, satirical tone place her in the circle of urban realist artists at work in New York City at this time. These papers and correspondence are a rare source for information about the artist.
Contained In:
Carl Zigrosser Papers, ca. 1891-1971. Folders 455-458.