Il vendemmiatore ... [etc.] [manuscript] / del signor Luigi Tansillo.

Tansillo, Luigi, 1510-1568.
[Venice], 1549.
113 leaves : paper ; 185 x 125 (150 x 86) mm. bound to 189 x 122 mm.

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Italian poetry -- 16th century.
Riddles (document genres)
Manuscripts, Italian -- 16th century.
Manuscripts, Renaissance.
Collection of 16th-century Italian poetry that contains a preface by Tansillo dedicating the work to Iacopo Carafa (in the manuscript as Carrafa) as well as a list of errata. Also includes two other works: Stanze in Lode della Menta; and Recapricci del Carrara. The caption title of the third work describes the work as "Enigme" and attributes them to Giovanni Lombardello. It consists of 75 sonnet "enigmas" and is dedicated to Giovanni Batista Carrafa. On f. 248v, after the end of the list of solutions, is the inscription: "In Napoli Jo: [Sul]tzbach A di. 28. Genn. 1544." This might be the publisher and the date of the printed work from which this copy was made.
1. f.137r-182v: Il vendemmiatore / del signor Luigi Tansillo
2. f.183r: Errori
3. f.185r-205r: Stanze in Lode della Menta, alle belle, et Cortesi Donne
4. f.206r-248v: Recapricci del Carrara / Giovanni Lombardello.
Ms. codex.
Title for manuscript from caption title for predominant work (f. 137r), with alternate title given as well: Stanze di coltura sopra gli horti delle Donne (f. 137r).
Foliation: Paper, 113; [i], 137-248; later foliation in ink, upper right recto. In addition, f. 209r-246r are also paginated as p. 1-75. This section coincides with the third text in the manuscript, Recapricci del Carrara.
Layout: Written in 20 long lines, frame-ruled in lead.
Script: Written in an italic script by what appears to be a single hand.
Binding: 18th-century[?] vellum, completely detached from text block and lower hinge almost completely detached from spine. The manuscript was probably part of a larger volume before being placed in its present binding. The first quire of the present manuscript, beginning with f. 137, is quire S. The front flyleaf is missing. The first leaf is almost entirely separated from the binding.
Origin: Written in Venice in 1549 (f. 137r).
Penn Provenance:
Formerly owned by Francesco Maria Berio, marchese di Salza, and perhaps originally collected by his father Domenico (d. 1791), the previous marchese (armorial bookplate inside upper cover, Ex libris Marchionis Salsae).
Sold as part of the library of the marchese di Salza to John William Ward, Earl of Dudley (armorial bookplate inside lower cover, motto Comme je fus), after Francesco Mario Berio's death in 1820.
Purchased, 1951.
Cited as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 9.
Lombardello, Giovanni.
Carafa, Iacopo, dedicatee.
Carafa, Giovanni Battista, b. 1495, dedicatee.
Berio, Francesco Maria, marchese di Salza, 1765-1820, former owner.
Dudley, John William Ward, Earl of, 1781-1833, former owner.
Stanze di coltura sopra gli horti delle Donne.
Stanze in lode della menta, alle belle, et cortesi donne.
Recapricci del Carrara.
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