The history of the troubles and tryal of the most reverend father in God, and blessed martyr, William Laud, lord archbishop of Canterbury. Wrote by himself, during his imprisonment in the Tower. To which is prefixed the diary of his own life faithfully and entirely published from the original copy: and subjoined a supplement to the preceding history: the arch-bishop's last will; his large answer to the Lord Say's speech concerning liturgies; his annual accounts of his province delivered to the King; and some other things relating to the history ...

Other records:
Laud, William, 1573-1645.
London, Printed for Ri. Chiswell, 1695-1700.
2 v. : port. ; 32 cm. (fol.)
[I] An introduction to the following history: containing the diary of ... William Laud ... from his birth to the middle of the year MDCXLIII ... (with special t.-p. dated 1694) The history of the troubles and tryal of ... William Laud ... (with special t.-p. dated M DC XCIV) A short supplement to the preceding history, taken from the Historical collections of John Rushworth. A larger supplement to the preceeding history, taken out of Dr. Heylin's Cyprianus anglicus. The speech of the lord arch-bishop of Canterbury, spoken at his death, upon the scaffold on the Tower-hill, Jan. 10, 1644. The arch-bishop's last will and testament. Several passages of Arch-bishop Laud's Conference with Fisher the Jesuit, edit. Londin. 1639. The answer of the most reverend father in God, William lord arch-bishop of Canterbury, to the speech of the Lord Say and Seal, touching the liturgy. Arch-bishop Laud's annual accounts of his province, presented to the King in the beginning of every year ... (with special t.-p.) Rome's master-piece: or, The grand conspiracy of the Pope and his Jesuited instruments [by William Prynne] ... Together with the arch-bishop's notes ... (with special t.-p.) [Three letters of Arch-bishop Laud, etc.)
[II] An historical account of all material transactions relating to the University of Oxford, from Arch-bishop Laud's being elected chancellor to his resignation of that office. An answer to the speech of the right honourable William lord viscount Say and Seal, &c. spoken in Parliament, upon the bill about bishops power in civil affairs, and courts of judicature, anno 1641. A speech delivered in the Star-chamber, on Wednesday, the fourteenth of June, 1637, at the censure of J. Bastwick, H. Burton, and W. Prinn; concerning pretended innovations in the church.
Preface, v. 1, signed: Hen. Wharton.
Vol. 2 has title and imprint: The second volume of the remains of the most reverend father in God, and blessed martyr, William Laud ... Collected by the late learned Mr. Henry Wharton, and published according to his request by the reverend Mr. Edmund Wharton, his father. London, Printed for S. Keble [etc.] 1700.
Archbishop Laud was impeached for high treason by the Long Parliament in 1644.
Local notes:
Imperfect: vol. 1 wanting.
In v. 2: "An historical account of all material transactions relating to the University of Oxford" bound in after "A speech delivered in the Star-chamber".
Penn Chronology:
Cited in:
Wing H586; H596
Wharton, Henry, 1664-1695. ed.
Wharton, Edmund, 1635?-1717. ed.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669.
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. 1644.
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