Old English lexicographical studies / Joseph McGowan.

McGowan, Joseph Patrick.
x, 197 leaves ; 29 cm.
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The present study aims at bringing new light upon Old English words which have remained obscure in their meaning, usage, or origin, and also upon questionable or ambiguous meanings of well-attested Old English words. The collection of Old English word studies is divided into four main sections: I poetry, II prose, III glossarial material, IV larger lexicographical problems. The individual studies confront a variety of lexical and lexicographical problems in Old English and attempt wherever possible to offer new solutions. The evidence considered includes: cognates from other Germanic or related Indo-European languages, material from Latin glossaries, encyclopedic knowledge from Pliny and Isidore, and early runic inscriptions. Over one hundred Old English words have been considered directly in the study and new sources of several Anglo-Saxon lemmata and glosses have been given (e.g., Manilius and Vitruvius). All studies begin with a list of all known occurrences of the word followed by a statement of the problem and discussion of the evidence. All forms are recorded in the word indices. These studies propose new solutions to longstanding problems and uncover new information regarding Old English word formation and usage and vocabulary subgroups.
Supervisor: James L. Rosier.
Thesis (Ph.D. in English) -- Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, 1991.
Includes bibliography.
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University Microfilms order no.: 92-11970.
Rosier, James L., advisor.
University of Pennsylvania.
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