The history of sexuality / by Michel Foucault ; translated from the French by Robert Hurley.

Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984.
New York : Vintage Books, 1988-<1990>
volumes ; 19 cm
First Vintage Books edition.

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Standardized Title:
Histoire de la sexualité. English
Sex customs -- History.
Sex customs.
Sexual ethics -- History.
Sexual ethics.
Michel Foucault's 'The History of Sexuality' pioneered queer theory. In it he builds an argument grounded in a historical analysis of the word "sexuality" against the common thesis that sexuality always has been repressed in Western society. Quite the contrary: since the 17th century, there has been a fixation with sexuality creating a discourse around sexuality. It is this discourse that has created sexual minorities. In 'The History of Sexuality', Foucault attempts to disprove the thesis that Western society has seen a repression of sexuality since the 17th century and that sexuality has been unmentionable, something impossible to speak about. In the 70s, when the book was written, the sexual revolution was a fact. The ideas of the psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, saying that to conserve your mental health you needed to liberate your sexual energy, were popular. The past was seen as a dark age where sexuality had been something forbidden.
v. 1. An introduction
v. 2. The use of pleasure
v. 3. The care of the self.
v. 1. An introduction. Part 1. We "other Victorians"
Part 2. The repressive hypothesis, 1. The incitement to discourse
2. The peverse implantation
Part 3. Scientia sexualis
Part 4. The deployment of sexuality. 1. Objective
2. Method
3. Domain
4. Periodization
Part 5. Right of death and power over life.
v. 2. The use of pleasure. Introduction. 1. Modifications
2. Forms of problematization
3. Morality and practice of the self
- Part 1. The moral problematization of pleasures. 1. "Aphrodisia"
2. "Chrēsis"
3. "Enkrateia"
4. Freedom and truth
- Part 2. Dietetics. 1. Regimen in general
2. The diet of pleasures
3. Risks and dangers
4. Act, expenditure, death
- Part 3. Economics. 1. The wisdom of marriage
2. Ischomachus' household
3. Three policies of moderation
- Part 4. Erotics. A problematic relation
2. A boy's honour
3. The object of pleasure
- Part 5. True love.
v. 3. The care of the self: Part 1. Dreaming of One's Pleasures
1. The Method of Artemidorus
2. The Analysis
3. Dream and Act
- Part 2. The Cultivation of the Self
- Part 3. Self and Others
1. The Marital Role
2. The Political Game
- Part 4. The Body
1. Galen
2. Are They Good? Are They Bad?
3. The Regimen of Pleasures
4. The Work of the Soul
- Part 5. The Wife
1. The Marriage Tie
2. The Question of Monopoly
3. The Pleasures of Marriage
- Part 6. Boys
1. Plutarch
2. Pseudo-Lucian
2. A New Erotics.
Translation of Histoire de la sexualité.
V. 3: 1st Vintage Books ed., November 1988.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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