The works of Thomas Middleton : now first collected with some account of the author, and notes / by the Reverend Alexander Dyce.

Other records:
Middleton, Thomas, -1627.
Standardized Title:
Works. 1840
London : E. Lumley, 1840.
5 v. ; 20 cm.
v. 1. The old law / [by P. Massinger, T. Middleton and W. Rowley]. The mayor of Queenborough. Blurt, master-constable. The phoenix. Michaelmas term
v. 2. A trick to catch the old one. The family of love. Your five galants. A mad world, my masters. The roaring girl / [by Middleton and T. Dekker]
v.3. The honest whore / [by T. Dekker and Middleton]. The witch. The widow / [by B. Johnson, J. Fletcher, and T. Middleton]. A fair quarrel / [by Middleton and W. Rowely]. More dissemblers besides women
v. 4. A chaste maid in Cheapside. The Spanish gipsy / [by Middleton and W. Rowley]. The changeling / [by Middleton and W. Rowley]. A game at chess. Anything for a quiet life. Women beware women
v. 5 No wit/help like a woman's. The Inner-Temple masque. The world tost at tennis / [by Middleton and W. Rowley]. Part of the Entertainment to King James / [by T. Dekker and Middleton]. The triumphs of truth. Civitatis amor. The triumphs of love and antiquity. The Sun in Aries. The triumphs of integrity. The triumphs of health and prosperity. The wisdom of Solomon paraphrased. Micro-Cynicon. On the death of Burbage. To Webster, on the Duchess of Malfi. The black book. Father Hubbard's tales. Appendix: The triumphs of honor and industry. Index to the notes.
The names of joint authors given in contents are from the titles of the original editions as quoted in the (editor's) notes prefixed to the plays.
Penn Provenance:
Forrest, Edwin, Estate of (donor) (Forrest copy)
Penn Chronology:
Rowley, William, 1585?-1642?
Dekker, Thomas, ca. 1572-1632.
Dyce, Alexander, 1798-1869.
Horace Howard Furness Memorial Library (University of Pennsylvania)
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