Gregorii theologi Episcopi Nazanzi de rebus suis carmina : per quae hortatur latenter nos ad Christiane uiuendum.

Gregory, of Nazianzus, Saint
Venetiis : ex Aldi Academia, mense Iunio 1504.
[468] p. ; 21 cm. (4to)

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Standardized Title:
Carmina. Latin & Greek
Other Title:
Poetae Christiani veteres.
Title taken from Latin caption title (verso of first leaf).
On recto of first leaf: Aldus Romanus omnibus unà cum graecis literis, sanctos etiam mores discere cupientibus. S.P.D. Gregorii episcopi Nazanzeni carmina ad bene, beat'eq[ue] uiuendum utilissima nuper e graeco in latinum ad uerbum ferè tralata imprimenda curauimus studiosi adolescentes ...
Interleaved gatherings of Latin (signed A, etc.) and Greek (AA, etc.); Latin translation and Greek text appear on opposite pages.
Signatures: A-N ̇ O interleaved with AA-NN OO ; chi 2chi .
Without pagination.
Includes (in Greek and Latin on opposite pages) chapters 1-5 and part of chapter 6 (to verse 58a) of St. John's Gospel; these do not occur consecutively, but are printed on the middle two pages of each gathering throughout the volume. This appears to be the first printing of any part of the New Testament in Greek.
Aldine device on leaf OO4 verso.
The first two unsigned leaves at the end contain textual variants;the last two contain the index, followed by a note expressing the intention (never carried out) to supply the rest of St. John's Gospel in an edition of the paraphrase by Nonnus of Panopolis.
This volume is the third in the collection known as the Poetae Christiani veteres.
Local notes:
Imperfect: last two leaves wanting.
Penn Provenance:
Block, Gordon A. (donor)
Block Bible Collection.
Penn Chronology:
1504 (June)
Cited in:
Renouard, A.A. Annales de l'imprimerie des Alde, p. 46
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Bible. N.T. John I-VI. Latin & Greek.