The Holy Bible : conteyning the Old Testament, and the New / newly translated out of the originall tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and reuised by his Maiesties speciall commandement ; appointed to be read in churches.

Imprinted at London : By Robert Barker ..., anno Dom. 1611 [i.e., 1613].
[1464] p. : ill., map ; 43 cm. (fol.)

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Standardized Title:
Bible. English. Authorized. 1613.
"King James' Bible ... second folio edition, 1613,11 ... commonly known as the 'Great SHE Bible.' The general title is usually dated 1613, though the NT title bears date 1611. Probably the greater part of the book was printed in 1611, but the publication, for some reason or other, was delayed till 1613" (Herbert)
Signatures: [superscript pi]A-B4 [superscript pi]C6 [superscript pi]D4, A-5C6, 2A-22A6.
Printed in black letter in two columns per page, 59 lines, with chapter headings and marginal notes and references.
Calendar printed in red and black.
Includes the Apocrypha.
Local notes:
Both Francis Fry and Walter E. Smith have examined this copy and inserted ms. comments about it. Fry states this to be the "second issue", no. 45 table 2, and the map is no. 16, pl. 45; Smith calls this a bible of a "pure B type," both indicating that this is of the 1613 edition despite the general t.p. date of 1611.
The error of "Judas" for "Jesus" in Matt. xxvi.36 corrected in ms.
With: Speed, John. Genealogies recorded in the Sacred Scriptures, according to euery familie and tribe / by J.S. [London : J. Beale, 1612?]
Penn Provenance:
Ross, T. Edward (bookplate) (donor)
Ellsworth, James William (bookplate)
Penn Chronology:
1611 [i.e., 1613]
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