[Leaf from a Latin Bible : containing the text of Mark V, 43-VII, 33].

[Mainz : Johann Fust and Peter Schöffer, 14 Aug. 1462]
[1] leaf ; 40 cm. (fol.)

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Standardized Title:
Bible. Latin. 1462.
Other Title:
Title of work in Goff: Biblia latina
Incunabula -- Germany -- Mainz -- 1462.
Place of Publication:
Germany Mainz.
Leaf [158] ([p]6 in GW collation) of v. 2 of the Latin Bible printed by Johann Fust and Peter Schöffer (Mainz, 14 August 1462), containing the text of Mark V, 43-VII, 33.
Title devised by cataloger from content.
Imprint information from ISTC. GW gives text of colophon at end of v. 2: P[e]n[e]s hoc opusculu[m] finitu[m] ac co[m]pletu[m]. et ad eusebia[m] dei industrie in ciuitate Magunti[n]j per Iohanne[m] fust ciue[m]. et Petriu[m] schoiffher de gern[s]heym clericu[m] diote[sis] eiusde[m] est consu[m]matu[m]. Anno incarnac[i]o[n]is d[omi]nice .M.cccc.lxij. In vigilia assumpc[i]o[n]is gl[ori]ose virginis marie. (For variants in the colophons see GW and BN cat. des incun.)
Royal folio, printed in double columns. Leaf [p]6r: 48 lines to a full column; area of text: 289 x 199 mm.; col. width: 88 mm.
The work is without signatures, foliation or catchwords. GW gives signature statement: v. 1 ([242] leaves): [a]-[h]¹⁰ [i]-[k]⁸ [l]-[z]¹⁰ [A]-[B]⁸ ; v. 2 ([239] leaves): [a]-[n]¹⁰ [o]¹² [p]-[z]¹⁰ [A]⁷. BM 15th cent. gives signature statement: [a]-[g]¹⁰ [h]⁴⁻¹ [i]⁶⁻³ [k]-[l]⁴ [m]⁸ [A]-[N]¹⁰ [O]-[P]⁸ [2a]-[2n]¹⁰ [2o]¹² [2A]-[2I]¹⁰ [2K]⁸⁻¹. (For reset pages see GW and BN cat. des incun.)
"With numerous printed two-line capitals and chapter-numbers in red and blue, but with spaces for others to be supplied by hand. The titles to the books and prologues and to the separate Psalms are for the most part printed in red, but occasionally have been left to be supplied by hand. Four pinholes."--BM 15th cent.
Local notes:
Leaf size: 399 x 290 mm.
Penn Libraries copy: rubrication: chapter numbers and two-line initials supplied in red or blue; headline in red and blue; capital strokes in red.
Penn Libraries copy has a few early ms. marginal marks in brown ink on recto and verso; early ms. marginal annotation in brown ink on verso.
Presented to the Penn Libraries by Gordon A. Block, Jr., having been purchased by him in 1942 at the Parke-Bernet sale of the collection of Anton G. Hardy.
Penn Libraries copy has paper slip with bookseller's printed description (of this copy?) laid in; paper exhibition label laid in.
Penn Libraries copy: small portion of tail margin torn off and mended with a blank leaf.
Penn Provenance:
Hardy, Anton G. (former owner)
Block, Gordon A. (donor)
Block Bible Collection
Penn Chronology:
1462 (14 Aug.)
Cited in:
Goff B-529
BM 15th cent. I, p. 22 (IC.101, IC.102, IC.103, IC.104)
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BN cat. des incun. B-364
BSB-Ink. B-410
Walsh, J.E. 15th cent. printed books, 6
ISTC ib00529000
Fust, Johannes, 1400-1466, printer.
Schöffer, Peter, approximately 1425-approximately 1502, printer.
Incunable Collection (University of Pennsylvania)