Acta scitu dignissima docteq[ue] co[n]cinnata Constantiensis concilii celebratissimi.

Other Title:
Acta scitu dignissima docteque concinnata Constantiensis concilii celebratissimi
Colophon title: Acta [et] decreta generalis [con]cilij Constanti[ae]
Acta [et] decreta generalis [con]cilij Constantiae
Imp[re]ssa in imperiali oppido Hagenow : p[er] industriu[m] Henricum Gran inibi incolam : Expe[n]sis p[ro]uidi viri Ioh[ann]is Runman, Finiunt feliciter Anno salutis nostre Millesimo q[ui]ngentesimo. die xj. mensis Aprilis [i.e. 1500, April 11]
Conference Name:
Council of Constance (1414-1418)
[224] p. ; 22 cm. (4to)
Fingerprint: e.ig c-is liiu (C) 1500 (T)
Council of Constance (1414-1418)
Incunabula -- France -- Haguenau -- 1500.
Place of Publication:
France Haguenau.
The editio princeps of the acts of the Council, taken from a manuscript of Hieronymus of Croaria and consisting of the summaries published by the Council of Basel in 1444. Cf. Das Konstanzer Konzil, ed. Remigius Bäumer, 1977, p. 8.
Imprint from colophon (leaf o7).
Signatures: a-o⁸ (o8 blank).
Without pagination or catchwords.
Capital spaces, with guide-letters.
36 lines to a page.
"Iacobi Locher philomusi poete [et] oratoris laureati: Ordinarij poetice studij Ingolstade[n]sis decatostichon" is followed by the poem on the t.p.
"Errores Ioh[ann]is wickleff de anglia [et] Ioh[ann]is huss de Bohemia damnati in hoc sacro generali Constan[tiae] concilio." -- leaves n5-o5.
Local notes:
The text of e1 verso and e2 recto has been imposed on e7 verso and e8 recto; that of e7 verso and e8 recto appears on e1 verso and e2 recto.
Penn Provenance:
Lea, Henry Charles, 1825-1909 (donor)
Franciscans (Tyrol, Austria) (inscription & bookplate: Bibliotheca Conventus Bulsanensis ad S. Franciscum Ord. Min. Ref. Prov. Tyrol)
Penn Chronology:
1500 (11 Apr.)
Cited in:
Goff C-800
GW 7287
BM 15th cent. III, p. 687 (IA.13799)
Locher, Jacob, 1471-1528.
Summenhard, Conrad, 1465-1511.
Gran, Henri, d. 1527, printer.
Rynman, Johann, fl. 1497-1522, publisher.
Incunable Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Henry Charles Lea Library (University of Pennsylvania)
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