The Civil law, including the Twelve tables : the Institutes of Gaius, the Rules of Ulpian, the Opinions of Paulus, the Enactments of Justinian, and the Constitutions of Leo / translated from the original Latin, edited, and compared with all accessible systems of jurisprudence ancient and modern, by S.P. Scott.

[New York : AMS Press, 1973]
17 v. in 7 ; 24 cm.

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Roman law.
Law, Byzantine.
Place of Publication:
United States New York (State) New York.
Vol.1 (= Vols.1-2): Laws of the XII Tables; Four commentaries of Gaius; The rules of Ulpian; Opinions of Paulus; Enactments of Justinian; The Institutes; Digest or Pandects 1-2; Vols.2-5 (= Vols.3-11): Digest or Pandects; Vol.6 (= Vols.12-14): The Code of Justinian, I - IX; Vol.7 (= Vols.13-17): The Code of Justinian, IX - XII; Authentic or new constitutions of Leo; General index.
This translation has been made from: Leges XII tabvlarvm restitvtae a I.N. Fvnccio, Rintelii, 1744. Gaii Institutionum juris civilis, commentarii quattuor, Lipsiae, 1886. Julii Pauli Sententiarum and filium, libri quinque, Lipsiae, 1886. Domitii Ulpiani Fragmenta, Lipsiae, 1886. Fontes juris romani antejustiniani, Florentiae, 1908. Corpus juris civilis cum notis Dionysii Gothofredi, Amstelodami, 1663. Corpus juris civilis, ediderunt d. Albertus et d. Mauritius, fratres Kriegelii, d. Aemilius Hermann, d. Eduardus Osenbruggen, Lipsiae, 1872. Pandectae Justinianeae in novum ordinem digestae, Paris, 1823. cf. v. 1, p. 50.
"The new constitutions of the Emperor Leo" (v. 17, p. 204-297) is translated into English from the Latin translation of Henricus Agylaeus (first published under title Imp. Leonis Augusti Constitutiones novellae. Paris, H. Stephanus, 1560).
"Compared with the following authorities": v. 1, p. 50-54.
Penn Chronology:
Agylaeus, Henricus, 1532 or 3-1595.
Scott, S. P. (Samuel Parsons), 1846-1929, ed.
Henry Charles Lea Library (University of Pennsylvania)
Ulpianus, Domitius, ca. 160-228. Fragmenta. English.
Maecianus, L. Volusius (Lucius Volusius), 2nd cent. Libri quinque sententiarum. English.
Gaius. Institutiones. English
Byzantine Empire. Eparchikon biblion. English.
Lex duodecim tabularum. English.
Tituli ex corpore Ulpiani. English.
Corpus juris civilis. English.
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