Behavioral theory in sociology : essays in honor of George C. Homans / edited by Robert L. Hamblin and John H. Kunkel.

New Brunswick, N.J. : Transaction Books, c1977.
546 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Homans, George Caspar, 1910-.
Social psychology -- Addresses, essays, lectures.
Medical subjects:
Psychology, Social -- Essays.
Social Behavior -- Essays.
Skinner, B. F. George C. Homans at Harvard.
Gibbs, J. P. Homans and the methodology of theory construction.
Johnson, W. T. Exchange in perspective.
Gergen, K. J. Social exchange theory in a world of transient fact.
Stolte, J. F. and Emerson, R. M. Structural inequality.
Burgess, R. L. and Nielsen, J. M. Distributive justice and the balance of power.
Schmitt, D. R. and Marwell, G. Cooperation and the human group.
Kozloff, M. A. Social exchange and behavioral change in families of deviant children.
McAuliffe, W. A. and Gordon, R. A. A test of Lindesmith's theory of addiction.
Leik, R. K. and Leik, S. A. Transition to interpersonal commitment.
Parsons, H. M. What happened at Hawthorne?
Hamblin, R. L. and Crosbie, P. V. Anomie and deviance.
Kimberly, J. C. Inconsistency among components of stratification and cognitive consistency and reward-cost processes.
Hamblin, R. L. and Miller, J. L. L. Reinforcement and the origin, rate, and extent of cultural diffusion.
Kunkel, J. H. The behavioral perspective of social dynamics.
Hamblin, R. L. Behavior and reinforcement.
Bibliography of George C. Homans: p. 17-21.
Includes bibliographies and indexes.
Homans, George Caspar, 1910-
Hamblin, Robert Lee, 1927-
Kunkel, John H., 1932-
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