An aesthetic approach : to life, history, society, business, science, art & literature : predispositioning applied / [Aron Katzenelinbo[i]gen, Matthew G. Mandelbaum, editors]

Philadelphia ; New York ; Ghana : Friends of Art, 1997.
ix, 254 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
System theory.
Life. Mime-box : friendship, family, business, and the pursuit of a position / by M.G. Mandelbaum
An aesthetic analysis of educational decisions / by R. Schmitz
Comparing chess and marriage ; using a positional style to carry out relationships / by M. Stein
Sleep : an analysis of time management / by R. Nelson
Meditation : a Hindu's decision / by S.A. Shahani
History. The Chinese Communist revolution and the game of wei-chi / by T. Shafer
Zionism as a positional philosophy : the beliefs of Theodor Hertzl and Ahad Ha-Am / by M. Mallin
Mahatma Gandhi, the greatest grandmaster : a comparison between Gandhi's goals and chess / by G. Grover
Napoleon, master of the positional style of war : the first half of the Italian campaign of 1796-97 / by D.J. Lyons III
Society. Chess : a strategic model for terrorism / by E. Doft and R. Figatner
The aesthetic approach to strategic counterterrorist decision making / by A. Joseph and C. Tigay
A strategic analysis of Beast Wars Transformers / by E.L. Wahl
Business. The Ottowa [i.e. Ottawa] Senators : a systems approach / by L.S. Aggarwal
The "Spice"-y way to the top / by R. SirDeshpande
Innovation and imitation : positional determinants of success and failure : a study of the soft-drink and computer industries / by D. Debicella
The ethical aesthetics of interviewing / by R. Nelson
The real world / by E. Doft and R. Figatner
Science. Quantum aesthetics / by L. Schroeder
Aesthetics modeling in ecology / by L. Schroeder
Heuristics part one : improving systems simulation through rules of thumb / by J. Epstein
Art and literature. Art as a multi-stage process / by M.G. Mandelbaum
An aesthetic approach to Picasso's creative process / by M. Stein
The benefits of the positional approach to improvisational acting / by C. Tigay
Heuristics part 2 : improving theater process through rules of thumb / by J. Epstein
Chess, beauty, and the martial arts / by A. Berkowitz
Concepts in the application of the positional style to literature and literary theory / by M. Gober
The child as the grandmaster in Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead / by R. Daly
"... essays written over the years by [Katsenelinboigen's] former students from [his] course An aesthetic approach in decision making, which is a joint-program of the Benjamin Franklin Scholars/General Honors Department of the University of Pennsylvania and the Operations and Information Management Department of the Wharton School"--p. vii.
Includes bibliographical references.
Kat︠s︡enelinboĭgen, Aron.
Mandelbaum, Matthew G.
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