Zeh sifra de-adam ḳadmaʼah she-natan lo Raziʼel ha-malʼakh / [baʻal ha-magiha she-hevi ... li-defus Yitsḥaḳ ben Avraham]. = ספרא לאדם קדמאה שנתן לו רזיאל המלאך / [בעל המגיהה שהביא ... לדפוס יצחק בן אברהם].

Amśṭerdam : Nidpas be-vet Mosheh ben Avraham Mindis Ḳṿinṭinyo, 461 [1700 or 1701]
אמשטרדם : נדפס בבית משה בן אברהם מינדיס קויטיניו, 461 [1700 or 1701]
45 [i.e 90] p. : ill. ; 23 cm.

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Standardized Title:
Book of Raziel.
Other Title:
Raziʼel ha-malʼakh
Sefer Raziʼel ha-malʼakh
Sefer Raziʼel ha-gadol
רזיאל המלאך
ספר רזיאל המלאך
ספר רזיאל הגדול
Cabala -- Early works to 1800.
Place of Publication:
Netherlands Amsterdam.
"ʻAl yede ha-poʻel ha-ʻoseḳ bi-melekhet ha-ḳodesh be-emunah, ha-zetsr Daṿid ben le-a.a. Yiśśakhar Dov, mi-Polin Kaṭan mi-ḳ.ḳ. Zolḳṿi ha-birah ha-samukh li-ḳ.ḳ. Levov"--Colophon.
Engraved t.p. border.
"על ידי הפועל העוסק במלאכת הקודש באמונה, הזעצר דוד בן לא"א יששכר דב, מפולין קטן מק"ק זאלקווי הבירה הסמוך לק"ק לבוב"--Colophon.
Local notes:
Kaplan Collection copy presented to the Penn Libraries in 2012 by Arnold and Deanne Kaplan.
Kaplan Collection copy has ms. inscriptions on back flyleaf. Top inscription is of unattributed complete poem "Man should weigh well the nature of himself...", published 1757 in several colonial newspapers. Bottom inscription is of complete quote "How lov'd, how honour'd once, avails thee not to whom related, or by whom begot, a heap of Dust alone remains of thee, tis is all thou art, and all the Proud shall be!", attributed to Alexander Pope. Neither inscription quotes source, but top inscription is signed "Samuel Judah, New-York, Jan.y, 1760".
Kaplan Collection copy has ms. inscriptions on t.p.: "on the 29 Kislev, 19 Dec 1759" and "B: 19 Aug 1728". These are the wedding and birth dates, respectively, of Samuel Judah. Ms. inscriptions on back flyleaf verso: "I was B. 19 Aug. 1728" and "2[?] Tebeth ... [?] 19 Dec".
Kaplan Collection copy has ms. notes regarding cabalistic letter forms on blue lined notebook paper affixed to front flyleaf; notes attributed as "Extract from 'Versuch einer Characteristick des Verhaltnisses der Alchemie zur Magie, Astrologie und werwandten ähnlichen Wissenschaften, mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der alchemistichen Zeichen', von Johann Rudolph Wild d. J. Mit acht lithographirten Tafeln. Cassel, 1841, Luckhardtschen Hofbuchhandlung".
Kaplan Collection copy bound in full leather; each board has double gild rules with central double ruled panel with central ornament and floriated ornaments at each panel corner; marbled endpapers; all edges gilt; 5 raised bands and gilt stamping on spine.
Kaplan Collection copy text block separated from boards; spine damaged at head and tail; evidence remains of previous paper affixed to front free endpaper.
Kaplan Collection copy collectify accession no. 2006.12.26.01092
Penn Provenance:
Kaplan, Arnold (donor) (Kaplan Collection copy)
Kaplan, Deanne (donor) (Kaplan Collection copy)
Judah, Samuel (inscription) (Kaplan Collection copy)
Penn Chronology:
461 [1700 or 1701]
1700 or 1701
Yitsḥaḳ ben Avraham, approximately 1737-1807.
Arnold and Deanne Kaplan Collection of Early American Judaica (University of Pennsylvania)