Seder ʻolam rabaʼ ve-seder ʻolam zuṭaʼ, sive, Chronicon Hebraeorum majus et minus : Latine vertit, & commentario perpetuo cui notae ni V.T. Libros historicos & plerosque Prophetas minoras insertae sunt / illustravit Johannes Meyer ... ; accedunt ejusdem Dissertationes tres : I. De historiae s. divina origine et infallibilitate. II. De ejusdem integritate adversus R. Simonii Hist. Critic. V.T. Lib I. III. De codice & calculo Hebraeo praeferendo Samaritano & Graeco ; cum indicibus copiossimis. = סדר עולם רבה וסדר עולם סוטא )צ"ל זוטא(

Standardized Title:
Seder olam rabbah Latin & Hebrew
סדר עולם רבה
Other Title:
Seder ʻOlam rabbah
Chronicon Hebraeorum majus et minus
Seder ʻolam rabaʼ ve-seder ʻolam soṭaʼ
Amstelaedami : Apud Joannem Wolters, MDCXCIX [1699]
אמשטרדם 9961
[24], 1283, [1] p. ; 21 cm (4to)
time ThUt **** tofe (3) 1699 (R)
Talmud -- Commentaries.
Bible. O.T.. -- Chronology -- Early works to 1800
Jews -- History -- Chronology.
Bible -- Chronology.
Fasts and feasts -- Judaism -- Early works to 1800.
Jewish chronology.
Place of Publication:
Netherlands Harderwijk.
Netherland Amsterdam.
Parallel text in Latin and Hebrew on pages 1-118 (printed in double columns); notes and commentary in Latin.
Includes texts "Seder ʻolam rabba" and "Seder ʻolam zuta"
Title page in red and black with engraved device with motto "Aliis inserviendo consumor".
Error in title page "Seder 'olam sota" pasted over with corrected title: Seder 'olam zuta.
First six words of title transliterated from the Hebrew
With divisional half-title-page: Johannis Meyeri Annotationes in Seder olam rabba et Seder olam suta sive Chronicon Hebraeorum majus et minus.
Colophon: Harderovici : Apud Albertum Sas, Academiae Ducatus Gelriae & comitatus Zutphaniae Typogr., MDCXCIX.
Signatures: *-3*⁴ A-7Y⁴ 7Z².
Leaves 3Q2 signed Qqp2.
Attirbuted to R' Yose ben Halafta C. cf. p. 242
Text printed in Roman and Italic type.
Local notes:
RBR # 2713 (CJS copy)
Culture Class Collection copy has bookplate: "From the library of Major John Le Conte [i.e. John Eatton Le Conte] deposited in the library of the American Philosophical Society May 20, 1864 by Dr. J. L. Le Conte [i.e. John Lawrence LeConte] ..."; copy also with ms. signature "John Le Conte".
Cited in:
Brunet, J.-C. Manuel du libraire, I, col. 1859
Cathedral Libraries catalogue Y5
Meyer, Johann, b. 1655.
Yose ben Ḥalafta, 2nd cent.
Sas, Albertus, fl. 1677-1701, printer.
Wolters, Johann, 1655-1715, printer.
Simon, Richard, 1638-1712.
Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Latin Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Seder ʻolam zuṭa. Latin. 1699.
De codice et calculo Hebraeo praeferendo Samaritano & Graeco.
De ejusdem integritate adversus R. Simonii Hist. Critic. V.T. Lib. I.
De historia s. divina origine & infallibilitate.
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