Modern philosophies of Judaism, a study of recent Jewish philosophies of religion, by Jacob B. Agus, Ph. D.

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Agus, Jacob B. (Jacob Bernard), 1911-1986.
New York, Behrman's Jewish Book House, 1941.
xii, 388 pages 21 cm.
Philosophy, Jewish.
Place of Publication:
United States New York (State) New York.
Introduction: Abraham Geiger; Ludwig Solomon Steinheim; Samuel Hirsch; Solomon Formstecher; Theories of nationalism
Hermann Cohen: Early attitudes to Judaism; General philosophical position; The concept of man; The concept of God; The relation of man to God
Franz Rosenzweig: The life and influence of Franz Rosenzweig; Philosophical background of "The star of redemption"; Contents of "The star of redemption"; Philosophy of religion; Philosophy of Judaism
Martin Buber: Early religious experiences and intuitions; I and thou; Analysis of the Thou relation; Comparative study of the Thou relation; Practical significance of Buber's mysticism
Mordecal M. Kaplan-Reconstructionism: Religion as a group affair; Religion as a healthy reaction to life; The cosmic source of human ideals; The reconstruction of Judaism
Summary and Conclusion: The common core of modern Jewish philosophy; Theses for a philosophy of religion.
"The purpose of this book is to expound the basic ideas of modern Jewish religious thought ... This book is an elaboration and popularization of a doctoral thesis, entitled 'The relation of man to God in the philosophies of Hermann Cohen and Martin Buber,' which was submitted to Harvard university in the spring of 1939."--Preface.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 353-356).
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