The Judaic heritage; its teachings, philosophy, and symbols, by R. Brasch.

Brasch, R. (Rudolph), 1912-
New York, D. McKay Co. [1969]
x, 437 pages 22 cm
pt. 1. The Jewish way of life
1. The faith of the Jew
2. The Jew and this world
3. The life of a Jew
4. The Jewish calendar
5. The cycle of the Jewish year
6. Jewish mysticism
pt. 2. The books of Judaism
7. The book which grew a thousand years
8. Hidden books
9. A book of two thousand authors
10. Rashi
the world's greatest commentary
11. Maimonides
guide for the perplexed
12. The Shulchan Aruch
the complete code of law
13. The prayerbook
14. Hebrew
a sacred tongue
15. Yiddish
a universal tongue of many roots
pt. 3. Jewish customs
their origin and present-day meaning
16. The synagogue
17. The chazan
18. The tallit
19. The tefillin
20. Minyan
the Jewish quorum
21. The covering of the head
22. The scroll on the door
23. Dietary laws
24. Circumcision
25. Bar Mitzvah
26. Marriage
27. Mourning.
pt. 4. Symbols of Judaism
28. The seven-branched candlestick
29. The shield of David
30. The Israeli flag
31. A hymn of hope
pt. 5. The Jew in the world
32. The Jew and civilization
33. The state of Israel
34. In search of the Ten Lost Tribes
35. Origins of Jewish family names
36. Professions without an equal
37. Strange contradictions
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