The conquest of Iraq, Southwestern Persia, and Egypt / translated and annotated by Gautier H.A. Juynboll.

Ṭabarī, 838?-923.
طبري, 838?-923.
Standardized Title:
Tārīkh al-rusul wa-al-mulūk. Selections. English
تاريخ الرسل والملوك. Selections. English
Albany : State University of New York Press, ©1989.
Ṭabarī, 838?-923. English ; Tārīkh al-rusul wa-al-mulūk. v. 13.
SUNY series in Near Eastern studies
Bibliotheca Persica
History of al-Ṭabarī = Taʼrīkh al-rusul waʼl-mulūk ; v. 13
SUNY series in Near Eastern studies
Bibliotheca Persica (Albany, N.Y.)
xviii, 251 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Islamic Empire -- History -- 622-661.
Islamic Empire.
-- fre Irak -- 634-1534.
-- fre Égypte -- 640-1250.
-- fre Iran -- 651-1256.
-- fre Empire islamique -- 622-661.
The events of the year 15 (cont'd) (636/637). The Battle of Burs ; The Battle of Bābil ; The story of Bahurasīr in the month Dhū al-Ḥijjah of the year 15 (January 637) as related by Sayf
The event of the year 16 (637/638). The remainder of the account of the Muslims' entering the city of Bahurasīr ; The report concerning al-Madāʼin al-Quṣwā, that is, that part (on the east bank of the Tigris) in which the king had his residence ; Mention of the booty amassed from the people of al-Madāʼin ; How the booty acquired at al-Madāʼin was distributed among the people present at its conquest, who numbered, as Sayf claims, in all sixty thousand ; The report about the Battle of Jalūlāʼ al-Waqīʻah ; The account of the conquest of Takrīt ; The account of the conquest of Māsabadhān ; The account of the battle that took place at Qarqīsiyāʼ
The events of the year 17 (638/639). The reason why those Muslims who moved from al-Madāʼin to al-Kūfah, did so, and the reason for their planning of al-Kūfah, according to Sayf ; The account is resumed once more by Sayf ; The redivision of the people into ʻIrāfahs ; The conquest of al-Madāʼin before the founding of al-Kūfah ; The story of Ḥimṣ when the Byzantine commander marched on its Muslim occupants ; The conquest of al-Jazīrah ; ʻUmar's journey to Syria ; Variant features of the story of the plague of ʻAmawās and the uncertainty as to the year that it occurred ; Sayf's account of ʻUmar's last trip to Syria and how he introduced new ideas for the well-being of the Muslims ; An account of the campaign of Khālid and ʻIyāḍ ; An account of the circumstances leading to the conquest of al-Ahwāz and of him who carried it out ; The conquest of Tustar ; The raid into Fārs ; The conquest of Rāmhurmuz, al-Sūs, and Tustar ; The conquest of al-Sūs ; What happened between the Muslims and the inhabitants of Jundaysābūr
The events of the year 18 (639/640)
The events of the year 19 (640)
The events of the year 20 (640/641). The campaigns of the Muslims and other matters ; The conquest of Miṣr and Alexandria
The events of the year 21 (641/642). The battle of the Muslims and the Persians at Nihāwand ; The account is resumed once more by Sayf
Appendix I. The poetry and Sajʻ in this volume
Appendix II. A modern description of Tustar.
Translation of extracts from: Tārīkh al-rusul wa-al-mulūk.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 231-233) and index.
Juynboll, G. H. A.
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History of al-Ṭabarī 13
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