Miscellanea historica et linguística [manuscript].

Berendt, C. Hermann (Carl Hermann), 1817-1878.
[ca. 1855-1872]
116 leaves : paper ; 366 x 240-245 mm. bound to 378 x 267 mm.
Mayas -- Mexico -- Yucatán (Mexico : State) -- History.
Indians of Mexico -- Mexico -- Yucatán (State) -- History.
Indians of Mexico -- Mexico -- Chiapas.
Indians of Mexico -- Mexico -- Tabasco (Mexico : State)
Indians of Mexico -- Languages.
Indians of Central America -- Guatemala -- History.
Indians of Central America -- Guatemala -- Languages.
Indians of Central America -- Honduras -- Languages.
Indians of South America -- Guyana -- Languages.
Maya language -- Dictionaries -- Spanish.
Carib language -- Glossaries, vocabularies, etc.
Zoque language -- Glossaries, vocabularies, etc.
Totonac language -- Glossaries, vocabularies, etc.
Cakchikel language -- Glossaries, vocabularies, etc.
Quiché language -- Glossaries, vocabularies, etc.
Garifuna (Caribbean people)
Chichimeca-Jonaz Indians.
Popoluca Indians.
Yucatán (Mexico : State) -- History.
Yucatán (Mexico : State) -- History -- Caste War, 1847-1855.
Mexico -- Languages.
Honduras -- History -- To 1838.
Honduras -- Languages.
Guyana -- Languages.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Fliers (printed matter)
Blank forms.
Manuscripts, Spanish -- 19th century.
Manuscripts, English -- 19th century
Manuscripts, American -- 19th century
Manuscripts, German -- 19th century
Manuscripts, Latin American.
Spanish, English, German, and French, with vocabularies in Zoque (f. 83r), Totonac (f. 84r), Cakchiquel (f. 89r), and Quiché (f. 89r, 91r), as well as a few vocabulary entries in Carib (f. 69v) and Garifuna (f. 70 r).
Scrapbook, assembled by Daniel Garrison Brinton, of miscellaneous handwritten notes, vocabularies, and manuscripts of C. Hermann Berendt, including some clippings and printed matter, on a variety of topics related to the history and languages of the Yucatán and Central America. The volume has a table of contents (f. 3), showing 19 primary headings, with the first section, on the Yucatán, divided into ten subheadings. The first section includes bibliographical references on the Yucatán and the Mayas in general (f.5r-16r), and on maps (f. 17r); and notes on topics such as the conquest (f. 18r), early references to the Yucatán (f. 20r), Spanish colonial figures Francisco de Montejo, Juan Díaz de Solís and Vicente Yáñez Pinzón (f. 21r-22v), missions of the Franciscans (f. 24r), and the Caste War in the Yucatan (f. 27r-36r). The material on the latter topic includes English, French and Spanish clippings (f. 27r, 28v-29r); a series of handbills published in Mérida entitled: Cronica de la campana, periodico para noticiar los sucesos de las linas de defensa y estado de la guerra, no. 1-18, Sept. 2-Oct.1, 1866 (f. 30r); a time line and notes (zur Geschichte des Indianer Aufstands; f. 31r); notes about oral communications of Jose Canuto Vela, pastor of Izamal, including a facsimile of the signature of Jacinto Pat (f. 33r); a manuscript in a different hand that is evidently a copy of the peace treaty signed in September 1853, dated Belize, 1853 (Tratado de paz con los indios del sur; f. 34r); printed broadsides (Sucesos de Bagalar; Sucesos de Valladolid; General Martin F. Peraza...), dated Mérida, 1858 (f. 36r); a blank printed form under the heading: Empresa de colonizacion de brazos libres en la isla de Cuba (f. 36r); and a copy of a document in a different hand (the name Pedro Souza appears at the top of the first page), dated Mérida, 1849 (f. 36r). The last subsection on the Yucatán pertains to geography and localities (f. 37r-41r), including several small maps (f. 40r). Additional headings include: bibliography and chronology on Guatemala (f. 45r-47r); Providence dictionary (i.e. Diccionario de Motul, maya español; f. 50r-57r); Brasseuriana: Troano-Landa, material related to abbé Brasseur de Bourbourg, including an original letter from him dated 23 May 1866 (f. 62r); a handwritten review by Berendt of Orozco y Berra's Geografía de las lenguas y carta etnográfica de México, published 1864 (f. 63r); notes on Pedro Sánchez de Aguilar (f. 64r); Berendt's extracts and notes on Hernán Cortés's expedition to Honduras, dated 1872 (f. 66r); notes on Carib/Karif language (Honduras, Guyana) and Garifuna language and history (f. 68r-70r); notes on the Chichimecos, Tultecos, Olmecos, and Xicalancos (f. 72r); a manuscript by Berendt entitled Relación del puerto de Tecuanapa, dated Providence, R.I., 1864, apparently extracted and translated from Richard Hakluyt's Voyages, Navigations, Traffiques, and Discoveries of the English navigation, vol. 3 (f. 73r); notes on Tehuantepec tribes (f. 74r); references on Chiriquis (f. 80); and compilations of notes by Berendt on Indians of southeastern Mexico (f. 82r), Zoque language (f. 83r), Totonac language (f. 84r), Popolucas (f. 86r), Cakchiquel language (f. 89r), and Kiché (Quiché) language (f. 89r, 91r).
Ms. codex.
Title from spine.
Item 181 is the third of three large scrapbooks (Items 179-181) compiled by Daniel Garrison Brinton from miscellaneous loose notes and materials of C. Hermann Berendt (Brinton, p. 32); the other two scrapbooks are entitled: Miscellanea maya (Item 179) and Miscellanea centro-americana (Item 180).
Foliation: Paper, 116; 1-22, 22-65, 67-116, with a total of approximately 311 inserted leaves, as parts of manuscripts or gatherings of notes that are tipped in or inserted between folios with paper guards; contemporary foliation in pencil, upper right recto. Numerous partial leaves tipped in; one partial leaf laid in (f. 19). Folios 1, 2, 4, 6, 42-44, 48, 49, 58-61, 71, 79, 81, 85, 87, 88, 90, and 92-116 are blank on both recto and verso.
Script: Notes and manuscripts written in the hand of C. Hermann Berendt; a transcription of an 1853 peace treaty in an unidentified hand (f. 34r); another manuscript, also in an unidentified hand, with the name Pedro Souza at the top of the first page (f. 36r); and a letter and a small note in the hand of abbé Brasseur de Bourbourg (f. 62r).
Decoration: Small sketch in ink of ships by a coast, related to a woodcut in a manuscript (f. 21v); maps in pencil showing localities in the Yucatan (f. 40r); calligraphic facsimiles of dictionary pages (f. 56r)
Binding: 19th-century half leather (Label: Shipman's Patent Invoice & Scrap Book, patented June 13, 1871).
Condition: Scrapbook folios brown around margins; some inserted material bulky (f. 62, 63, 66, 72, 82; f. 83, with two onion-skin leaves in middle); two items with small tears (broadside, f. 36r; folded sheet, f. 54).
Origin: Written or collected between approximately the late 1850s (diese Zusammenstellung begann ich Ende der fünfziger Jahre; Berendt's note on first page of inserted manuscript, f. 82r) and 1872 (title page of inserted manuscript, f. 66r).
Penn Provenance:
From the collection of C. Hermann Berendt, later acquired by Daniel Garrison Brinton (ex libris stamp on title page).
Cited in:
Described in Brinton, Daniel Garrison. Catalogue of the Berendt Linguistic Collection (Department of Archaeology and Paleontology, University of Pennsylvania, 1900), p. 32 (no. 181).
Described in Weeks, John M. "Karl Hermann Berendt: Colección de manuscritos lingüistícos de Centroamérica y Mesoamérica," Mesoamérica 36 (Dec. 1998), p. 638-639 (no. 31).
Described in Weeks, John M. The Library of Daniel Garrison Brinton (University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, 2002), p. 72 (no. 398).
Cited as:
UPenn Ms. Coll. 700, Item 181
Brasseur de Bourbourg, abbé, 1814-1874.
Brinton, Daniel Garrison, 1837-1899, former owner.
Contained In:
Berendt-Brinton Linguistic Collection. Item 181
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