Conference Board report.

Other Title:
Beyond knowledge management : new ways to work and learn no.1262 (2000)
Perspectives on a global economy : are poor nations closing the gap in living standards? no.1263 (2000)
Office of the chief executive : current patterns and challenges no.1264 (2000)
Valuing people in the change process no.1265 (2000)
Corporate environmental governance : benchmarks toward world-class systems no.1266 (2000)
Electronic business outlook no.1267 (2000)
Speed : linking innovation, process, and time to market no.1269 (2000)
Employee communication during mergers no.1270 (2000)
Corporate governance cross-border mergers no.1273 (2000)
Performance measurement during merger and acquisition integration no.1274 (2000)
E-commerce tax policy and planning : domestic and international issues no.1275 (2000)
Link between corporate governance and performance (year 2000 update) no.1276 (2000)
Innovative public-private partnerships : easing the path from welfare to work no.1277 (2000)
Post-merger integration : a human resources perspective no.1278 (2000)
Company programs for resisting corrupt practices : a global study no.1279 (2000)
Performance 2000 : productivity, employment, and income in the world's economics no.1287 (2001)
Engaging employees through your brand no.1288 (2001)
IT outsourcing trends no.1289 (2001)
Managing growth : smart strategies for smaller and mid-sized companies no.1290 (2001)
Organizing for global competitiveness : the role of corporate headquarters and its leadership in organizational integration no.1291 (2001)
ERP trends no.1292 (2001)
E-business strategies in the global marketplace : e-procurement and other challenges no.1294 (2001)
Why all the uncertainty, fear, and doubt? : are mergers and acquisitions bad for workers? no.1295 (2001)
Innovative public-private partnerships : promoting the hiring of workers with disabilities no.1296 (2001)
Global investor and corporate governance : what do institutional investors want? no.1297 (2001)
Executive insights : merging and acquiring for growth no.1298 (2001)
Customer relationship management : new ways of keeping the customer satisfied no.1299 (2001)
Diversity executive : tasks, competencies, and strategies for effective leadership no.1300 (2001)
Perspectives on a global economy : making the most of the information age : productivity and structural reform in the new economy no.1301 (2001)
Managing culture in mergers and acquisitions no.1302 (2001)
Innovative public-private partnerships : conservation of forests, farmlands, and wetlands no.1303 (2001)
Compensation Committee of The Board : best practices for establishing executive compensation no.1306 (2001)
Branding on site : customer relationships in the digital marketplace no.1307 (2001)
Restructuring Chinese enterprises : the effects of federalism and privatization initiatives on business performance no.1311 (2002)
Transforming the supply chain no.1312 (2002)
Performance 2001 : productivity, employment, and income in the world's economies no.1313 (2002)
Developing business leaders for 2010 no.1315 (2002)
Value at work : the risks and opportunities of human capital measurement and reporting no.1316 (2002)
North American outlook 2002/2003 no.1317 (2002)
Sustaining the talent quest : getting and keeping the best people in volatile times no.1318 (2002)
Voices of experience : mature workers in the future workforce no.1319 (2002)
HR technology strategies : what is driving them today? no.1320 (2002)
HR outsourcing trends no.1321 (2002)
CEO challence : top marketplace and management issues 2002 no.1322 (2002)
Directors' compensation and board practices in 2002 no.1324 (2002)
Beyond the hype : e-nabling the sales and marketing force no.1325 (2002)
Reaching out : devising individual shareholder programs no.1327 (2003)
Performance 2002 : productivity, employment, and income in the world's economies no.1328 (2003)
Valuing experience : how to motivate and retain mature workers no.1329 (2003)
Regional headquarters : roles and organization no.1330 (2003)
Human resources at corporate headquarters : a management update no.1331 (2003)
Outsourcing trends no.1332 (2003)
Corporate security management : organization and spending since 9/11 no.1333 (2003)
New York : Conference Board,
Includes all publications issued in the following series: Conference report, Council report, Research report, Special report.
Includes the series: Perspectives on a global economy.
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