One war at a time : the international dimensions of the American Civil War / Dean B. Mahin.

Mahin, Dean B., 1925-
Washington, D.C. : Brassey's, c1999.
x, 343 p., [14] p. of plates : ill. ; 24 cm.
1st ed.

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Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 -- Contributions in foreign relations.
United States -- Foreign relations -- 1861-1865.
Ch. 1. Holding Watch Against Foreign Intrusion: Abraham Lincoln and Foreign Affairs
Ch. 2. To Be Treated as Other Independent Nations: Confederate Foreign Policy
Ch. 3. A Powerlessness to Comprehend: British Reactions to the American Civil War
Ch. 4. Recognition Would Be Intervention: Union and Confederate Relations with Britain, April-November 1861
Ch. 5. A Gross Outrage: The Trent Crisis, November-December 1861
Ch. 6. Cotton Is King: Cotton in Confederate Diplomacy, Trade, and Finance
Ch. 7. A War with America Would Hamper My Operations: Union and Confederate Relations with France, 1861-1862
Ch. 8. Maintaining the Independence of Mexico: Union Relations with the Mexican Republic
Ch. 9. We May Wait a While: Britain Considers Intervention, 1862
Ch. 10. The Wolf from Liverpool: British Roles in the Construction, Escape, and Operations of the Confederate Raider Alabama
Ch. 11. No Obligation to Stop a Contraband Trade: British Arms and Supplies for the Confederacy
Ch. 12. A Thing to be Deprecated: Britain Detains the Ironclad Rams, 1863
Ch. 13. Questions of Great Intricacy and Importance: Lincoln Conciliates Britain, 1863
Ch. 14. To Make Europeans Understand: Other European Reactions to the American Civil War
Ch. 15. Alone on the Earth: The Twilight of Confederate Diplomacy, 1863-1865
Ch. 16.
This Government Avoids Intervention: Union and Confederate Reactions to the French Invasion and Imperial Government in Mexico, 1862-1865
Ch. 17. A War with America as Soon as She Makes Peace: Union Relations with Britain and Canada, 1864-1865
Ch. 18. Government by the People Shall Not Perish: The International Lincoln
Epilogue I: A Source of Apprehension and Danger: U.S. Pressures for French Withdrawal from Mexico, 1865-1867
Epilogue II: The Massive Grievance The "Alabama Claims" Against Britain, 1865-1872.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 301-332) and index.
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