The music of Tibetan Buddhism [sound recording].

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Unesco collection.
Musical anthology of the Orient.
Cambridge, Mass. : Rounder Records, [1999]
Anthology of world music
Sound recording
3 sound discs : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
Buddhist music -- India.
Buddhist music -- China -- Tibet.
Buddhist chants.
Rñiṅ-ma-pa (Sect) -- Music.
Bkaʼ-brgyud-pa (Sect) -- Music.
Sa-skya-pa (Sect) -- Music.
Dge-lugs-pa (Sect) -- Music.
Local subjects:
Ethnic music recordings -- India. (search)
Ethnic music recordings -- China -- Tibet. (search)
Ethnic music recordings, Buddhist -- India. (search)
Ethnic music recordings, Buddhist -- China -- Tibet. (search)
Ethnic music recordings, Tibetan -- India. (search)
Ethnic music recordings, Tibetan -- China -- Tibet. (search)
The vocal portions sung principally in Tibetan. Some portions may be in Sanskrit.
Disc 1. The Nyingmapa sect: Chant asking the blessing of the Guru Drakmar.
The Nyingmapa sect: Instruments of the monastery orchestra. Two shawms (rGyaling) ; Two long trumpets (dung) ; Two shell-trumpets made from conches (dung-dkar) ; Two short horns (rKang-ling) ; Hand-bell (drilbu) and hand-drum (damaru) ; Cymbals (rolmo) ; Cymbals (silnyen) ; Pole-drum (rGna) ; Ritual (for attaining the qualities of) spiritual adepts.
The Kagyupa Sect. Religious preaching (of the Lord Buddha) date the fifteenth (day of the fourth Tibetan month) ; Morning music for shawms and trumpets ; Evening music for shawms and trumpets ; Prayer.
Disc 2. Sakyapa sect: History of the Sakya religion. Hymn for two shawms. Great Kunga Sangpo of Ngorr. An offering (to the God of) Sakya (through) chanting and instrumental music
Gelugpa sect: Invitation to (the deity) Shugden. Auspicious shawm. Reception shawm. Prayer for the Dalai Lama. Doctrine concerning the after life. Offering.
Disc 3. The Kagyupa sect and the Gelugpa sect: Invitation to (the deity) Khyabjug, [parts] 1 and 2
In praise of Dolma
Reception music
Medody of the eternal voice.
Various performers.
Recorded May 26-June 14, 1961 in Tibet by Alain Daniélou (disc 1); May 16, May 21, and June 16, 1961 in Tibet by Peter Crossley-Holland (disc 2); May 21, June 14 & June 16, 1961 in Tibet by Peter Crossby-Holland (disc 3).
Compact discs.
"Originally edited for the International Music Council by the International Institute for Comparative Music Studies and Documentation." -- Booklet.
Reissue, in memory of Alain Daniélou, of the analog discs The music of Tibetan Buddhism, v. 1-3, first released in the 1960's or 1970's on Musicaphon BM 30 L 2009, BM 30 L 2010, and BM 30 L 2011, as vols. 9-11 in the series Musical anthology of the Orient in the Unesco collection.
Historical and analytical notes translated from the French of Daniélou (25 p. : ill.) inserted in container.
Daniélou, Alain.
Crossley-Holland, Peter, 1916-
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CD 5129/30/31 Rounder
CD 5129 Rounder
CD 5130 Rounder
CD 5131 Rounder
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