The principles of money and banking / by Charles A. Conant.

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Conant, Charles Arthur, 1861-1915.
New York : Harper, 1905.
2 v. ; 21 cm.
Banks and banking.
Vol.1,Book I-The evolution of modern money: The place of money in economics
The functions of money
The origins of money
The evolution of metallic money
The qualities of money
Production of the precious metals
The metals and the money supply
The principles of coinage
The evolution of official coinage
Vol.1,Book II-The principles of the value of money: The importance of definitions
How the value of money is determined
How credit influences the value of money
The relation of money to prices
The principles of foreign exchange
The distribution of money
Vol.1,Book III-The evolution of monetary systems: Types of currency systems
The failure of local bimetallism
Evolution of the gold standard
The dislocation of the exchanges
The effort for international bimetallism
Evolution of the gold-exchange standard
Operation of the exchange standard
The theory of government paper money
How the value of government paper is determined
Vol.2,Book IV-The principles of a banking currency: The elements of credit
The theory of a banking currency
The security for circulating notes
The ratio of cash reserves
The regulation of banks of issue
The benefits of a bank-note currency
The "currency" and "banking" principles
Vol.2,Book V-The evolution of commercial banking: The origins of banking credit
The development of deposit banking
The function of the banker
Influence of the discount rate
The extension of the clearing system
State interference with banking
The progress of modern banking
Vol.2,Book VI-The co-operation of the factors of exchange: The evolution of negotiable securities
How the stock market reflects values
The money function of securities
The state and the money markets
The origins of crises
The management of crises
Is an ideal money attainable?.
Partly reprinted from various periodicals.
Bibliography: v.2, p. 441-[460].
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