Genetics and public health in the 21st century : using genetic information to improve health and prevent disease / edited by Muin J. Khoury, Wylie Burke, Elizabeth J. Thomson.

Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2000.
xx, 639 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Oxford monographs on medical genetics ; no. 40.
Oxford monographs on medical genetics ; 40

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Public health.
Medical genetics.
Human Genome Project.
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Public Health.
Molecular Epidemiology.
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Genetic Predisposition to Disease -- prevention & control.
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Preventive Medicine.
Ch. 1. Genetics and public health: a framework for the integration of human genetics into public health practice
Ch. 2. Genetics and public health: historical perspectives and current challenges and opportunities
Ch. 3. The human genome project: evolving status and emerging opportunities for disease prevention
Ch. 4. Models of public health genetic policy development
Ch. 5. The multidisciplinary nature of public health genetics in research and education
Ch. 6. Epidemiology, molecular biology, and public health
Ch. 7. Surveillance for birth defects and genetic diseases
Ch. 8. Surveillance for hemophilia and inherited hematologic disorders
Ch. 9. Public health assessment of genetic predisposition to cancer
Ch. 10. Public health assessment of genetic susceptibility to infectious diseases: malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV
Ch. 11. Public health assessment of genetic information in the occupational setting
Ch. 12. Medical and public health strategies for ensuring the quality of genetic testing
Ch. 13. Newborn screening quality assurance
Ch. 14. Public health needs assessment for state-based genetic services delivery
Ch. 15. Access to genetic services in the United States: a challenge to genetics in public health
Ch. 16. Community genetics in The Netherlands
Ch. 17. Delivery of genetic services in developing countries
Ch. 18. Genetics and prevention effectiveness
Ch. 19. Impact of genetic information and genetic counseling on public health
Ch. 20. Lessons learned from newborn screening for phenylketonuria
Ch. 21. Newborn screening for cystic fibrosis: a paradigm for public health genetics policy development
Ch. 22. Newborn screening for sickle cell disease: public health impact and evaluation
Ch. 23. Public health strategies to prevent the complications of hemochromatosis
Ch. 24. Applying genetic strategies to prevent atherosclerosis
Ch. 25. Genetics, public health, and the law
Ch. 26. Genetics and public health: informed consent beyond the clinical encounter
Ch. 27. Public health surveillance of genetic information: ethical and legal responses to social risk
Ch. 28. Principles and practices of communication processes for genetics in public health
Ch. 29. Training in public health genetics
Ch. 30. Consumer perpectives on genetic testing: lessons learned
Ch. 31. Using the Internet to disseminate genetics information for public health.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Khoury, Muin J.
Burke, Wylie.
Thomson, Elizabeth J. (Elizabeth Jean), 1950-
0195128303 (alk. paper)