Trade, growth, and the balance of payments; essays in honor of Gottfried Haberler, by Robert E. Baldwin [and others].

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Chicago, Rand McNally, 1965.
viii, 267 p. illus. 23 cm.
Commercial policy.
Optimal trade intervention in the presence of domestic distortions, by H. G. Johnson.
Equalization by trade of the interest rate along with the real wage, by P. A. Samuelson.
On the equivalence of tariffs and quotas, by J. Bhagwati.
Tariff-cutting techniques in the Kennedy round, by R. E. Baldwin.
Some aspects of policies for freer trade, by B. Ohlin.
"Vent for surplus" models of trade and growth, by R. E. Caves.
International, National, regional, and local industries, by J. Tinbergen.
The multiplier if imports are for investments, by W. F. Stolper.
Trade, speculation, and the forward exchange rate, by P. B. Kenen.
Monetary stability as a precondition for economic integration, by R. Kamitz.
Adjustment, compensatory correction, and financing of imbalances in international payments, by F. Machlup.
Interest rates and the balance of payments: an analysis of the Swiss experience, by J. Niehans.
Germany's persistent balance-of-payments disequilibrium, by C. P. Kindleberger.
Competition and growth: the lesson of the United States balance of payments, by E. Sohmen.
Bibliographical footnotes.
Haberler, Gottfried, 1900-
Baldwin, Robert E.
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