A collection of eighteen rare and curious historical tracts and pamphlets.

Edinburgh : Priv. print. [E. & G. Goldsmid], 1886.
18 nos. in 1 v. ; 24 cm.
Great Britain -- History.
I. [Addison, Joseph] The political creed of a Tory-malecontent. 1745
II. Duke Hamiltons conditions for surrendring himself. 1648
III. Great Britain. Parliament. 1642. A remonstrance...26. of May. 1642
Iv. Fairfax, Sir F.F., 2d baron. A letter from...Lord Fairfax to... Robert earle of Essex. 1643
v. L'Estrange, Sir Roger. No blinde guides. 1660
VI. The affairs of Scotland in 1689
VII. [C., H.] News from Dublin in Ireland. 1647
VIII. [Sprat, Thomas] bp. of Rochester. The Rye House plot. 1684
IX. The impostor painted in his own colours. [1715?]
X. The reign of William the Conqueror
XI. The genealogy of the kings of Britain
XII. Four original documents relating to the marriage of Henry VIII to Anne of Cleves
XIII. Great Britain. Sovereigns, etc., 1509-1547 (Henry VIII) Instructions of Henry VIII. for the general visitation of the monasteries and nunneries
XIV. Four curious documents
XV. Two important state papers.
XVI. The Earl of Hertford's expedition against Scotland
XVII. Exact and certaine newes from the siege at Yorke. 1644
XVIII. [Prestongrange, W.G.] lord, supposed author. An answer to the second manifesto of the Pretender's eldest son. 1746.
Issued in parts as Historical reprints I-XVIII. The collective t.p. as above and table of contents were issued only to subscribers for the complete set.
"Of each of the eighteen pamphlets in this collection, only fifty large paper and two hundred small paper copies were printed." Nos. I, IV, V, VII, IX, XI, XIII-XV, XVII were also issued as: Ten scarce books in English literature.
"This reprint is limited to 200 small-paper and 50 large-paper copies."
Local notes:
RBC storage copy has tracts no. II, III, VI, X, XII, XIV, and XVIII; all other numbers wanting. Large paper edition.
RBC copy has tracts I, III-V, VIII, XVII-XVIII. Small paper ed. (19 cm.)
Penn Provenance:
Paul, J. Rodman (donor) (Storage copy)
Penn Chronology:
Historical reprints.
Ten scarce books in English literature. (Anals for contents of Historical reprints)
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