The selected stories of Clark Blaise / with an introduction by Fenton Johnson.

Blaise, Clark, 1940-
Standardized Title:
Short stories
Other Title:
Southern stories.
Pittsburgh stories.
Montreal stories.
Erin, Ont. : Porcupine's Quill, 2000-2006.
4 v. ; 23 cm.
v. 1. Southern Stories: A fish like a buzzard. Giant turtles, gliding in the dark. Broward Dowdy. The bridge. A North American education. The salesman's sons grows older. Relief. Notes beyond a history. How I became a Jew. South. The fabulous Eddie Brewster. Snow people. The love god.
v. 2. Pittsburgh stories: The birth of the blues. The unwanted attention of strangers. Identity. Grids and doglegs. The seizure. Dunkelblau. Snake in flight over Pittsburgh. Sitting Shivah with Cousin Benny. The waffle maker.
v.3. Montreal Stories: North. I'm Dreaming of Rocket Richard. Eyes. A Class of New Canadians. Extractions and Contractions. At the Lake. Among the Dead. He Raises Me Up. Words for the Winter. Going to India. Translation. Life Could be a Dream (Sh-boom, Sh-boom). The Belle of Shediac.
v.4. Strangers in the Night. Salad Days. A Saint. Kristallnacht. Drawing Rooms. The Banality of Virtue. White Children. Doggystan. Dark Matter. Migraine Morning. Yahrzeit. Meditations on Starch. Did, Had, Was. Sweetness and Light. Man and his World. Dear Abhi. The Sociology of Love. Partial Renovations.
v. 2. Introduction by Robert Boyers.
v.3. Introduction by Peter Behrens.
Johnson, Fenton.
Boyers, Robert.
Behrens, Peter.
0889842191 (v. 1)
0889842272 (v. 2)
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