The connexion of life with respiration ; or, An experimental inquiry into the effects of submersion, strangulation, and several kinds of noxious airs, on living animals: with an account of the nature of the disease they produce; its distinction from death itself; and the most effectual means of cure ...

Goodwyn, Edmund, 1756-1829.
Philadelphia : printed by Charles Cist, 1805.
xi, 61 p. : 2 plates. ; 22 cm.

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Apparently reprinted from the London edition of 1788.
Inscribed on flyleaf: Presented by James Woodhouse, M. D. to the Medical Library of the Pennsylvania Hospital.
Williams, Jonathan, 1750-1815.
Priestly, Joseph, 1733-1804.
Peale, Charles Willson, 1741-1827.
Woodhouse, James, 1770-1809.
Dease, William, 1752?-1798.