[Inaugural dissertations submitted for the degree of doctor of medicine at the College of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, and Edinburgh University, for the years, 1790, 1791, and 1794.]

10 nos. in lv. ; 19 cm.

1. Penington, J. Inaugural dissertation on fermentation. Philadelphia, 1790.
2. Cutbush, E. Inaugural dissertation on insanity. Philadelphia, 1794.
3. Coxe, J. R. Inaugural essay on inflammation. Philadelphia, 1794.
4. Drysdale, T. Tentamen medicum inqugurale varia de hapate. Philadelphia, 1794.
5. Hahnbaum G. F. Tentamen medicum inaugurale de chlorosi. Edinburgh, 1791.
6. Condict, L. Inaugural dissertation on the effects of contagion. Philadelphia, 1794.
7. Lamb, J. Inaugural dissertation on apoplexy. Philadelphia, 1794.
8. Davidson, R. G. W. Inaugural dissertation on the suffocatio stridula, or croup. Philadelphia, 1794.
9. Rose, H. Inaugural dissertation on the effects of the passions. Philadelphia, 1794.
10. Bache, W. Inaugural experimental dissertation on the effects of carbonic acid gas. Philadelphia, 1794.
Inscribed: Theses Medicae plerumque Philadelphienses.
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