Media, culture, and the modern African American freedom struggle / edited by Brian Ward.

Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2001.
viii, 312 p. : 1 ill. ; 24 cm.

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African Americans and mass media.
African Americans -- Civil rights.
Mass media -- United States.
United States -- Ethnic relations.
Introduction: forgotten wails and master narratives: media, culture, and memories of the modern African American freedom struggle / Brian Ward
The media and the movement: looking back from the Southern front / Julian Bond
A media-made movement? Black violence and nonviolence in the historiography of the Civil Rights movement / Jenny Walker
Black-oriented radio and the Civil Rights movement / Stephen Walsh
Reclaiming the South: Civil Rights films and the new red menace / Allison Graham
Hip like me: racial cross-dressing in pop music before Elvis / David L. Chappell
"Climbing the mountain top": African American Blues and Gospel songs from the Civil Rights years / Buido van Rijn
Free jazz: musical style and liberationist ethic, 1956-1965 / Peter Townsend
Jazz and Soul, race and class, cultural nationalists and Black Panthers: a Black Power debate revisited / Brian Ward
Villains, demons, and social bandits: white fear of the Black cultural revolution / William L. Van Deburg
"Pimpin' ain't easy": work, play, and "lifestylization" of the Black pimp figure in early 1970s America / Eithne Quinn
Mau-Mauing the filmmakers: should Black Power take the rap for killing Nat Turner, the movie / Scot French
The 1960s echo on: images o Martin Luther King Jr.. as deployed by white writers of contemporary fiction / Sharon Monteith
The power of martyrdom: the incorporation of Martin Luther King Jr. and his philosophy into African American literature / Trudier Harris.
Inlcudes bibliographical references and index.
Ward, Brian, 1961-
0813020743 (cloth : alk. paper)