Fasciculus Ioanni Willis Clark dicatus.

Other records:
Cantabrigiae, typis academicis impressus, 1909.
3 p. ℓ., vii-xi, [1], 577, [1] p. front. (port.) illus., pl., 26 cm.
Clark, John Willis, 1833-1910.
Dedication [by] H.M. Butler.
To John Willis Clark [by] A.J. Mason.
The catalogue of the Library of the Augustinian friars at York, now first edited from the ms. at Trinity college, Dublin [by] M.R. James.
Un catalogo fin qui sconosciuto della Biblioteca papale d'Avignone (1407) [by] F. Ehrle.
Eleven letters from Henry Bradshaw to S.W. Lawley, edited by F. Jenkinson.
Certain disquisitions, by John Barwick and other Cambridge divines, published in 1644; a point of bibliography [by] F. Madan.
Le registre des dépenses de la Bibliothèque vaticane de 1548 à 1555 [by] L. Dorez.
The early history of Canons Regular as illustrated by the foundation of Barnwell Priory [by] W.H. Frere.--Ancient university ceremonies [by] J.E. Sandys.--The Castle Hill [by] T. McK. Hughes.--The coffin stone of Etheldreda [by] A. Gray.--Plays performed in Cambridge colleges before 1585 [by] G.C. Moore Smith.--"After all, we are none of us infallible--not even the youngest of us" [by] H. Jackson.--I. The thesis in the disputations of the senior Sophs at Cambridge, 1770-1838. II. "Proctors problems, 1786" by [G.] Chawner.--The auditors of Trinity college, Cambridge [by] W.W. Rouse Ball.--The windows of Little S. Mary's [by] A.J.C. Allen.--Gunning redivivus [by] C. Sayle.--The ship of fools [by] A.W. Ward.--The University of Caen and the dawn of the renaissance [by] A.A. Tilley.--The reverie of Adrienne [Le Couvreur] [by] Viscount Esher.--On a drawing of Garrick by Hogarth [by] S. Colvin.--On portraits at the universities [by] L. Cust.
--A paradox on beauty [by] E. Gosse.--The Museum of zoology [by] S.F. Harmer.--Ray's Tables of plants [by] S.H. Vines.--A garden in Italy [by] Madame Wiel.--Motya [by] Sir H.F. Wilson.--The sword of the Lord God, A.D. 95 [by] A.W. Verrall.--Classical archaeology and prehistoric archaeology [by] C. Waldstein.--Tis estin he Basileia; the last scene of the Birds of Aristophanes [by] J.T. Sheppard.--Greek plays performed at Cambridge [by] H.J. Edwards.--The 'A.D.C.' [by] G.B. Tatham.--To J.W. Clark [by] A.C. Benson.--A short bibliography of J.W. Clark.
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