Donati Acciaioli Florentini Expositio super libros ethicorum Aristotelis in nouam traductionem Argiropyli Bizantii.

Acciaiuoli, Donato, 1429-1478.
Impressum Florentiae : Apud Sanctum Iacobum de Ripoli, MCCCCLXXVIII [1478]
[264] leaves (the last leaf blank) ; 34 cm. (fol.)

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Other Title:
Expositio super libros ethicorum Aristotelis in nouam traductionem Argiropyli Bizantii
Goff title: Expositio Ethicorum Aristotelis.
uimo ocae ntri elfi (C) 1478 (R)
Incunabula -- Italy -- Florence -- 1478.
Place of Publication:
Italy Florence.
Title from caption on leaf a5v. (The letter "Z" in "BIZANTII" is reversed.)
Imprint from colophon on leaf L11v.
Median folio. Leaf a2r: 39 ines; area of text: 223 x 141 mm. Initial spaces, most with guide letters. Printed section marks. With signatures; without foliation or catchwords.
Signatures: a-b⁸ c⁶ d⁴ [superscript chi]d⁴ e-h⁴ I¹⁰ L¹² m-u¹⁰ x⁴ A-H¹⁰, ²I¹⁰ L¹².
Leaf ²L12 is blank. A variant has register on leaf ²L12r. Cf. ISTC.
Leaves a1, d1, L4 and m1 unsigned. On leaf I2r, "ii" in signature mark printed upside-down. Leaves I5, L2, L5, n3, A5 and B5 signed "iV", "Li", "Liiii", "Nii", "Aiiii" and "bv", respectively.
Some signature marks printed in fore-edge margin. "In and after quire o the signatures usually form part of the last line of text on the page, a great part of the line being often blank."--BM 15th cent.
"The last line on first d1a and the last two lines on o2a have been added after printing off."--BM 15th cent.
The printer's copy for this edition has been identified as Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze MS Magl. XXI, 136-7. Cf. M.L. Ford, "Author's autograph and printer's copy" in M. Davies, ed., Incunabula (London: The British Library, 1999), p. 109-128, no. 19.
Local notes:
Leaf size: 324 x 222 mm.
Penn Libraries copy without rubrication.
Penn Libraries copy: initials supplied by a postmedieval reader in brown ink; headlines supplied on leaves a1-x4 in brown ink; some ms. annotations and a few manicules in brown ink in text; marginal mark ("X") in brown ink in head margin of rectos of leaves F4-G8; signature mark supplied in ms. in brown ink on leaf d1; tail-piece supplied in ms. in brown ink on leaf r8v; a few modern ms. bibliographical notes in pencil on front pastedown and front free endpaper.
Penn Libraries copy has ms. pencil sketches of a pair of scissors(?), an orb, and a pair of arrows on front free endpaper.
Penn Libraries copy has on front free endpaper ms. inscription ("Apr. 1819 [Celloti's] Sale by Sotheby. £16-s16-0") recording the purchase of this volume (possibly by Richard Heber) the Sotheby's sale of the collection of Luigi Celotti (ca. 1768-ca. 1846). (The word "Celloti's" in inscription appears in square brackets.)
Penn Libraries copy has rectangular stamp ("BIBLIOTHECA HEBERIANA") of the library of Richard Heber (1773-1833) on front free endpaper; cf. Bibliotheca Heberiana II, no. 201.
Penn Libraries copy has armorial bookplate of William Horatio Crawford (1815?-1888) of Lakelands, Cork, Ireland, on front pastedown.
Penn Libraries copy has small round armorial stamp ("BUNDESDENKMALAMT") of the Austrian Bundesdenkmalamt on front and back pastedowns.
Penn Libraries copy has paper slip with bookseller's printed description of this copy affixed to front pastedown.
Penn Libraries copy bound in full parchment; spine stamped in gold; gold-stamped red leather spine label ("DONATI ACCIAIOLI ETHICORUM FLORENTIAE MCDLXXVIII").
Penn Libraries copy imperfect: leaf L12 (blank?) wanting.
Penn Libraries copy: spine damaged; tear mended in fore-edge margin of leaf [superscript chi]d4.
Penn Provenance:
Celotti, Luigi, ca. 1768-ca. 1846 (former owner) (inscription)
Heber, Richard, 1773-1833 (stamp)
Bibliotheca Heberiana (stamp)
Crawford, William Horatio, 1815?-1888 (bookplate)
Austria. Bundesdenkmalamt (stamp)
Penn Chronology:
Cited in:
Goff A-17
BM 15th cent. VI, p. 621 (IB.27036)
GW 140
BN cat. des incun. A-13
BSB-Ink. A-5
ISTC ia00017000
San Jacopo di Ripoli (Convent : Florence, Italy), printer.
Incunable Collection (University of Pennsylvania)