[De civitate Dei].

Augustine, of Hippo, Saint, 354-430.
[Rome : Conradus Sweynheym and Arnoldus Pannartz], MCCCCLXX [1470]
[294] leaves (leaves [1], [16], [293], and [294] blanks) ; 41 cm. (fol.)

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Standardized Title:
De civitate Dei
Other Title:
Inicipit (leaf [a]2r): Aurelii Augustini Hipponen[sis] Episcopi de Ciuitate dei primi libri incipiunt Rubrice
ree. e.m. urm. qiAn (C) 1470 (R)
Kingdom of God -- Early works to 1800.
Apologetics -- Early works to 1800.
Incunabula -- Italy -- Rome -- 1470.
Place of Publication:
Italy Rome.
Title from Goff.
Imprint from colophon on leaf [I]8r, which reads: Aspicis illustris lector quicunq[ue] libellos Si cupis artificum nomina nosse: lege. Aspera ridebis cognomina teutona: forsan Mitiget ars musis inscia uerba uirum. Co[n]radus suueynheym: Arnoldus pa[n]nartzq[ue] magistri Rome impresserunt talia multa simul. Petrus cum fratre Francisco Maximus ambo Huic operi aptatam contribuere domum. M.CCCCLXX.
Royal folio. Leaf [a]4r: 46 lines; area of text: 263 x 168 mm. Initial spaces; spaces for paragraph marks. Without signatures, foliation or catchwords.
Signatures: [a]-[b]⁸ [c]-[e]¹⁰ [f]-[h]⁸ [i]-[l]¹⁰ [m]-[o]⁸ [p]-[s]¹⁰ [t]-[u]⁸ [x]-[z]¹⁰ [A]-[C]⁸ [D]-[E]¹⁰ [F]¹² [G]¹⁰ [H]⁸ [I]¹⁰ (leaves [a]1, [b]8, [I]9 and [I]10 blanks).
Caption on leaf [c]1r reads: Aurelii Augustini Hipponen[sis] ep[iscop]i. In libros de Ciuitate dei. Argumentum operis totius. ex libro retractationum.
Local notes:
Leaf size: 396 x 276 mm.
Penn Libraries copy imperfect: leaves [a]1, [b]8, [I]9 and [I]10 (blanks) wanting.
Penn Libraries copy: rubrication: text, headline and margins framed in red; paragraph marks and 2-line initials in red or blue; headline in red, blue or red and blue; capital strokes in yellow.
Penn Libraries copy: decoration by a follower of Maître François: historiated 9-line initial G on leaf [c]1r by a : the initial itself is blue with white accents surrounded by a gold-accented red border and contains two figures (the one at left standing, robed and mitered as a bishop and holding a crosier in his left hand; the one at right kneeling, tonsured and dressed in a lavender gown and black vest, holding a red heart in his hands) on a green checkered floor before a blue half-wall decorated in gold with a brown wall and window in the far background.
Penn Libraries copy: decoration by a follower of Maître François: red 15-line initial I with gold accents on blue background with white accents on leaf [c]1r; red 10-line initial I with gold accents on blue background with white accents on leaf [e]2v; blue 9-line initial D with white accents on red background with gold accents on leaf [D]8r; 19 7-line initials in text, either red with gold accents on blue background with white accents or vice versa; illuminated border in red, blue, white and gold in left margin of leaves [c]1r, [d]2v, [e]2v, [f]3r, [g]5r, [h]8v, [m]7v, [o]5v, [q]9r, [r]8v, [s]10v, [v]6v, [y]5v, [C]2v, [D]8r, [F]5v and [G]8r.
Penn Libraries copy has some early marginal marks and a few annotations in brown ink in text.
Presented to the Penn Libraries in 1954 by Boies Penrose.
Penn Libraries copy has armorial bookplate ("EX LIBRIS BOIES PENROSE II") of Boies Penrose (1902-1976) on front pastedown; bookplate ("Milton, Peterborough.") of the Fitzwilliam family library on front pastedown; partially effaced early ms. ownership inscription ("Liber F.F. S. C[...] [...]") of a religious house at head of leaf [a]2r.
Penn Libraries copy: large portion of tail margin of leaf [c]1 excised and replaced with a blank leaf on which appears a gold-bordered wreath of green leaves surrounding a red roundel with white accents, the whole background to the arms (d’azur à la tête de léopard d’or) of Jean Chardalle (d. 1502).
Penn Libraries copy bound in full brown leather; boards triple-ruled in gold with a gold rosette stamped in each corner (3 intact); 6 raised, gold-ruled bands on spine; gold-tooled spine panels; title ("S. AUGUSTINI OPUS DE CIVITATE DEI") and imprint place and date ("ROMAE 1470") stamped in gold on spine; gold-ruled cover edges; gold-tooled turn-ins; marbled endpapers; all edges gilt; silk marker (now red-brown).
Penn Libraries copy: portion of fore-edge margin, probably containing illuminated border element, excised and replaced with a blank leaf on leaves [i]7, [k]8, [l]9, [p]8 and [z]8.
Penn Libraries copy: some leaves at beginning and end of volume lightly wormed (with occasional mends); intermittent dampstaining in fore-edge margin and tail inner corner of leaves; leaves [n]8v-[o]1r stained; lower portion of leaves [e]9-[e]10 torn and mended; tail margin of leaves [h]3-[h]5 torn and mended; wormhole in tail inner corner of leaves [m]1-[o]8; 7-line initial D on leaf [s]10v stained.
Penn Provenance:
Penrose, Boies, 1902-1976 (bookplate) (donor) (RBC copy)
Fitzwilliam family (bookplate) (RBC copy)
Milton Hall (Peterborough, England) (bookplate) (RBC copy)
Chardalle, Jean, -1502 (former owner) (RBC copy)
Penn Chronology:
Cited in:
Goff A-1232
BM 15th cent. IV, p. 10 (IC.17149)
GW 2876
BN cat. des incun. A-678
BSB-Ink. A-854
ISTC ia01232000
Sweynheim, Konrad, d. 1477, printer.
Pannartz, Arnold, d. ca. 1476, printer.
François, maître, active 1468-1482
Incunable Collection (University of Pennsylvania)