Interview conducted by Oliver Daniel, Dec. 14, 1976 [sound recording].

Tipton, Albert, interviewee.
Dec. 14, 1976
1 sound cassette : analog.
1 sound tape reel : analog, 7 1/2 ips, 2 tracks, NAB standard ; 10 1/2 in., 1/4 in. tape
digital : 4 3/4 in.
19 leaves.
Golschmann, Vladimir, 1893-1972.
Rachmaninoff, Sergei, 1873-1943. Concertos, -- piano, orchestra, -- no. 2, op. 18, -- C minor
Tabuteau, Marcel, 1887-1966
All-American Youth Orchestra
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
Oral histories.
Sound recordings.
Albert Tipton discusses auditioning for the All-American Youth Orchestra; experiences with the Orchestra in South America; Stokowski's ability to develop an enormous range of intensity and personal expression in performers through small gestures; Tipton's experience playing second flute in the Philadelphia Orchestra; his friendship with Stokowski; and playing with the St. Louis Symphony under Golschmann. He compares a number of conductors including Koussvitzky, Barbirolli, Monteux, Paray, Ormandy, Toscanini, and Stokowski, especially regarding tempo.
He remembers recording with Stokowski in Los Angeles and Stokowski remixing the tapes; rehearsals with Stokowski; Stokowski's transcriptions of Debussy; and an anecdote about Rachmaninoff playing his second piano concerto and criticizing Stokowski's conducting of it. He also mentions Artur Rodzinski, Sylvan Levin, Saul Caston, Sidney Foster, Artur Nikisch, Richard Lert, Greta Garbo, Gloria Vanderbilt, Mary Binney Montgomery, William Kincaid, Marcel Tabuteau, and others.
Recorded on Dec. 14, 1976 in New York, N.Y. at Oliver Daniel's office.
Original copy: cassette tape 40; preservation copy: one 10 1/2 in. reel to reel tape 50; service copy: one compact disk CD 050. Preservation and service copies recorded October and November 2000.
Daniel, Oliver, interviewer.
Contained In:
Oliver Daniel Research Collection on Leopold Stokowski. Folder 899; Box 52, CD 050.
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